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It’s become a family tradition to go camping at least once every summer. Over the past few years, we’ve accumulated some awesome items that make camping so much easier as a family. A lot of these things are also used in the backyard, or even out and about around town. So here’s my suggestions for family camping gear must haves.

Family Camping Gear Must Haves

I’m starting off with a basic, but if you’re going camping then a tent is totally needed. If the tent says 4 people think of that as if 4 people are smooshed together with not a lot of space left over. I find that the 8 person tent for a family of 4 is nice and roomy and enjoyable. Also, I know the kids will eventually want to bring friends along so I like knowing that we can accommodate that in the future.  I also recommend getting the glow in the dark stakes and rope. Nothing is worse than walking back from the bathroom to get taken down by a tent rope (not speaking from experience or anything!). Also, don’t forget the tarp. It’s key to put this down before you setup the tent.

Family Camping Kijara Dual Lock Chair

Outdoor chairs
Last summer we discovered the Kijaro dual Lock chairs and we were hooked. These chairs give you support, cup holders, a pocket for your phone and lock into place. Bonus, they come in a ton of bright and fun colors, pick your favorite color or show support for you team. You can keep them stored in their carrying bag, or just use the strap on the chair to tote them around. We use them at sports games, in the backyard and for camping. They really are the most comfortable chairs. I also love that we each have our own color and you can usually find them for about $30 which is a steal. You won’t regret investing in these.

Camping LanternsLanterns, Lights and Flashlights
These are super important, because when it gets dark, it’s dark. We have it so every family member has a flashlight, but also we keep a hanging light/fan in our tent to keep the air flowing. Because it can get hot on those summer evenings and a plug isn’t always the easiest thing to find. We also each have a lantern that is easy to open and close and pack up.

Family Camping Sleeping Bags and Air MattressesSleeping Bags & Air Mattresses
A good sleeping bag is important for everyone. Make sure it can withstand the drops in temperatures and is easy to roll up. We are also pro air mattresses in our tent and love these mattresses that you can either use as a big mattress or break apart into smaller individual ones.

Family Camping Bugs and TicksBugs & Ticks
We are a DEET free family so we use Guardian, and have had great success with it when we use it. I also recommend getting After Bite Kids and the After Bite Roller the Itch Eraser. In case you do find a bite or sting or you forgot to spray it’s good to be prepared with a soothing ointment. I keep this in my purse, and in both bathrooms of the house because it’s small easy to use and gives instant relief.

Family Camping First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit
I should also mention bringing a first aid kit. You can either make one us yourself or purchase one, but it’s so important to be prepared. We also always have one in our car at all times so we have a backup.

Family Camping CoolersCooler
It’s important to have at least one cooler. We usually use 2 so we can keep our drinks and food separate. I love our Igloo Trailmate Cooler, but we also use a different cooler. We like having wheels so it’s easy to move around, and it’s important to have a spout to easily drain. Also this cooler light is great and makes getting things out at night so much easier.

Family Camping Cooking SuppliesCooking
When it comes to meals there’s always foil packets. Of course we keep it simple, a good pot or dutch oven and you can’t forget the roasting sticks for s’mores, and hot dogs. I also recommend a good pair of heat resistant gloves. When meals are done that means clean up and this pop up camping trash can makes it easy to toss trash and travel.

These are just some of the basics I’ve found to be important for a fun and easy family camping trip. What we love about camping as a family is it allows us to disconnect from the internet, work together to get things done and enjoy time with one another.

Does your family camp?

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