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Do you have an animal lover? My son loves learning about and trying to care for animals so when I made him a Christmas shirt the obvious choice was a Future Reindeer Trainer.

Future Reindeer Trainer ShirtOver the years the magic of reindeer at Christmas has grown. We love reading stories or seeing movies that feature these magical reindeer and one day someone asked my son what he wanted to be when he grew up. His response of a reindeer trainer made me laugh.

What does a Reindeer Trainer do?

Well he keeps the reindeer in shape and teaches them to fly. He also gets to make the magic reindeer food and train them in flying so they don’t get lost or lose any gifts off Santa’s sleigh.

Reindeer Trainer Shirt Supplies

Raglan shirt
Iron on Vinyl
Cricut EasyPress or EasyPress 2
Cricut EasyPress Mat

How to make a DIY Reindeer Trainer Shirt

The shirt is a simple one to make and works for all ages.
Cricut Easy Press

When working with Iron-on vinyl remember to select Mirror-on before cutting and to place the shiny side down on the mat. Also, the EasyPress, and now they have the EasyPress 2, are super useful to use when making shirts.

Future Reindeer Trainer shirt with CricutTo make your own Future Reindeer Trainer Shirt you can find the design on Cricut Access: Future Reindeer Trainer Shirt.

Reindeer Books, Games & Movies

There are also some amazing books, games and movies to check out if you have a reindeer fan!

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