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Every year I look forward to the holiday season, and there’s one commercial that really kicks off the season for me, and that’s the Hershey Kiss We Wish you a Merry Christmas commercial, so I decided to create a shirt, and FREE PNG to share my love for this commercial.

Hershey Kiss Commercial Free PNG

This Hershey commercial has been around for years, I was excited when they updated it to HD, because it’s timeless, not only is it my favorite carol, there’s just something so clever about the kisses being bells. The 1st time I see the commercial each year I know the Christmas season is ready to begin.

Hershey Kiss We Wish you a Merry Christmas shirt with free PNG

When it comes to holiday shirts I love making them. I’ve got my Christmas Checklist Shirt, Auntie Claus, Peppermint shirt, Future Reindeer Trainer and more. I love that I’m able to come up with an idea and easily make it with my Cricut.

Hershey Kiss Christmas Commercial FREE PNG  

I knew I needed to come up with my own design, and I wanted to be able to give it to you for FREE because I love sharing with others.

Cricut machine (Joy, Explore or Maker)
Glitter Iron on (I used Red, Green, Silver, Gold)
Iron on vinyl (white)
Cricut EasyPress 2
Cricut mat

Hershey Kiss We Wish you a Merry ChristmasTo start you’ll want to download this free PNG Hershey Kiss Christmas Commercial
Then you’ll want to upload it to Cricut Design Space. It’s super easy to upload and a simple cut so this is a great beginner project.
The most important thing to remember is making sure you place the iron on vinyl face down on the mat, and checking the mirror image before you cut. 
Once all your pieces are cut and weeded you’ll want to warm up your EasyPress 2 (don’t forget to download my EasyPress 2 Settings Printable)

Hershey Kiss Christmas shirt with Cricut

I started with the red kisses, then added the green and silver. Finishing off with the words on the bottom. 
To finish it off I added the stems of the kisses. Keep in mind I used regular iron on for that so needed to adjust the EasyPress 2 temperature. 
For this one I recommend doing 1 row at time. I tried to do them all at once and a few got off center, so I wished I just took my time. 

Hershey Kiss Christmas ShirtOverall I love how this shirt came out, and when I wore it to an open air market I got so many compliments on it. People instantly recognized the design, and told me how this is one of their favorite commercials too, and that they look forward to it every year. 

Do you have a favorite holiday commercial? 

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