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Playing games and learning at the same time is a big win for parents and kids. We love to play games that teach geography so I’ve pulled together a list of games and puzzles about states and capitals and the world!

Games about States and Capitals

Games about Geography and States and CapitalsThere are some great games out there that help in different ways to teach the states and capitals. I’m not going to lie this isn’t something I’m quick or good at so when I play this with the kids I need the refresher of all the different states and capitals. So these keep me on my toes.

Great States
American Trivia Family Edition
Sequence States & Capitals
Race across the USA
Game of the States: Can you sell the most from Coast to Coast?
Ticket to Ride First Journey
The Scrambles States of America

Games about Geography

America is a beautiful and big country so when you can play a game to learn the geography to figure out where all the states are that’s a win. I grew up on the east coast so that’s easy for me, but I have troubles with the mid-west, but my kids are learning this and even fun facts about the states by playing these games.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
Top Trumps Countries
Passport to Culture
When in Rome – (This is a game you play with an Amazon Alexa)

World and State Puzzles

Sometimes a puzzle is just the thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a giant puzzle with all the states, or putting together something that takes a few days. Being able to put the pieces of America together help to really remember all the states.

Melissa and Doug USA Extra Large Floor Puzzle
eeBoo World Map 100 Puzzle
Alex Bath USA Map Puzzle
The Scrambles States of America Puzzle and Book

States and Capitals Games & Puzzles

Games about States & CapitalsWhat’s fun about playing these games and puzzles is you’re having fun and refreshing your memories while making new ones. I also like that as we plan our vacations we can talk about the different states we’ll be visiting or driving through.

Melissa & Doug License Plate Game
Brain Box The World
The World Game

What kinds of states and capital games and geography games do you like to play?

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