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Have you been to or seen a gender reveal? This is where an expecting couple shares if their bundle of joy is a boy or girl. When my sister-in-law said they wanted to do a gender reveal for their 2nd I threw some ideas out to her and we came up with a fun and easy on to reveal if it was a boy or girl. We’re calling it the What’s in the Box Gender Reveal Game.

Gender Reveal Game What's in the Box Boy or Girl

Gender Reveal Idea

Since the parents-to-be wanted to be the ones who were surprised they asked their doctor to write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. I prepped everything before so I only had to fill the last box to reveal if it was a boy or girl. Because they had an older child they wanted to incorporate her into the reveal so I made sure the item inside would be something she could enjoy!

Family Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Ideas to fill a box

Gender Reveal What’s in the Box?

I got 8 empty boxes and filled them with different things. Some had Hershey’s bars with both the He & She colored in. One had both a bow tie and hair bows with a little note “Bows or Bow Ties it’s still a Surprise.” I picked up some owl stickers and put them on a card and said “Whoooo will it be?” I also had a gender neutral onesie that included a fun nod to the Big Sister. It was all about opening up different boxes and seeing if that box contained the item that would reveal if the baby where a boy or girl.

Gender Reveal Opening the reveal package

I made sure to use both pink and blue wrapping paper and to make a mental note for the box with the reveal inside. In the box that shared the surprise was a t-shirt for the big sister to wear. Since I wasn’t finding out if it was a boy or girl I made 2 shirts (Big Sisters Make the Best of Friends & Big Sister to a Little Mister). In the end the Big Sister to a Little Mister was the shirt, which means they’re having a boy!

Gender Reveal Game What's in the Box

Tip: You can put out all the boxes and hope they don’t open the one with the reveal first or you can hide the box with the reveal and say “Whoops, one more” either way it’s fun to watch them open the boxes and wonder if it’s the one that holds a baby boy or baby girl, and make sure you’re ready to go with the camera

Have you been to a gender reveal before or had one yourself?

Gender Reveal Game - What's in the Box

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