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Since a sprinkle is a little more low-key than a full one baby shower I thought I would share some tips for hosting a baby sprinkle. I love to host parties, and when I learned that a good friend was expecting her 2nd I began to coordinate with another friend about throwing a Baby Sprinkle. 

Tips for Hosting a Baby Sprinkle

Co-Host A Baby Sprinkle 

There’s no need to do it all on your own. Join forces with another good friend and plan the sprinkle together. It makes the process a lot more fun and the work can be divided. Plus you can play to each others strong points. My friend Lynne and I were a really good team and it was nice to have someone to help and rely on.

Sprinkled with Love Shower Umbrellas

Pick A Theme for the Baby Sprinkle

I love to have a party with a theme, since it’s a sprinkle we decided to go with a sprinkle theme and when I searched Oriental Trading I found lots of awesome items that would fit in perfectly with sprinkles, polka dots and umbrellas. I got some burlap signs and painted on the Sprinkled With Love and made an extra sign with the little ones name giving a personal feel to all the decor. My favorite part was the umbrellas sprinkled all over the house, and above the food table.

Baby Shower Watermelon Stroller

Keep the Food Simple & Fun

We had a late evening shower over dinner time, but we kept it simple with all finger foods and made sure to have a hearty sandwich (she’s Cuba so we made Cubano sandwiches). Add in an adorable baby stroller watermelon (Lynne) and everyone is happy.

Diaper Gift Game Idea

Choose Games and Activities for the baby sprinkle

I love to have something for guests to do, but we didn’t want to play the typical baby shower games. So we had 2 different things set up. I used a monthly Wall Pop calendar and asked people to write in when they think the baby would arrive. We made sure to put the Due Date and Big Sisters birthday on there and snapped a photo for the mom to be to put in the baby book.

The other fun activity was the diaper laugh. I put out diapers and sharpies and asked everyone to leave a note that would make the mom or dad smile while they’re changing a 2am diaper. Not only is this something the guests enjoyed doing, but it’s super useful for the parents to be.

Sprinkled with Love Desserts

Have desserts for the baby sprinkle

A sprinkle to me means there should be sprinkles all around. We had some cupcakes, pretzel wands with sprinkles, and I even found Sprinkle lollipops at Oriental Trading that I made into a baby rattle. If we had done an earlier party I would have had donuts with sprinkles. I bought a huge bag of sprinkles and put it to great use and everyone loved how on theme it was, we also made extras so they could take some treats home to their kids.

Name Bubbles Labels

Don’t forget gifts for the mom at the baby sprinkle

Remember this is a second baby so try to think of things that are helpful to the parents. Maybe a gift for the Mom-to-be (pedicure, blow-out, restaurant gift card) or the older sibling. I gave some sweet treats and had some Name Bubbles labels made since I knew the name of the one. It’s useful and something they will need so it was a fun surprise.

Baby Sprinkle for the Mom to Be

It turned out to be a great evening of chatting and sprinkling the mom-to-be with love, and wishes. Do you have any tips for hosting a sprinkle?

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower

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published august 2017

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