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I’m excited to share my Hot Picks for 2018. I’ve got something for everyone from kids to teens to college and adults. Let’s not forget ideas for you to add to your wish list!

Hot Picks 2018 Gift Guide

When it comes to giving a gift it can feel like we don’t need anything or don’t know what we want. I’ve pulled together things that will not only be useful, but also enjoyed, appreciated even fun!

Epson's Cartridge Free PrinterEpson’s Cartridge Free Printer

I have found having a printer is key at this point in life, but we were constantly replacing the cartridges so when I learned about Epson’s cartridge free printer I knew it was a must add in that the ink is estimated to last 2 years and I’m sold. Perfect for the college student, family or work from home person as it also scans.

Popped Passion Chocolate Peanut Butter cakePopped Passion

Some people really don’t want anything or are just impossible to buy for so think about giving them a Popped Passion cake or buy them a 3-month subscription so they get goodies after the holidays. “Popped Passion was created to bring great flavors together and combine them with popcorn in a fun, delicious and Insta-worthy way. Whether you have a passion for peanut butter or a passion for Buckeye football, we combine it together with popcorn to create a Popped Passion Popcorn Cake.” These cakes are tasty and fun to receive so don’t forget about bringing this as a hostess gift, or as a dessert for holiday parties.

Crayola Light BoardCrayola Light Board

This may be sold in the toy section but it’s more than that. Use it for holidays, we displayed what we’re thankful for at Thanksgiving and will write our New Years Resolutions on it. If you have a small business it’s great for displaying sales or store info. I know for all parties or celebrations I’ll be displaying it on the mantle as party decor because it’s easy to change out. This is truly something for all ages and who are we kidding lots of fun to draw and write on.

How do you see the World? GameHow do you See the World? Game

When I first learned of this game I was intrigued. It’s a card game to challenge your perspective. With 100 card and 500 questions  you’ll roll the die and match the symbol to a category then ask the question. Each person will take a turn to answer. The categories include: Reflections, Relationships, Aspirations, Life’s Purpose and Beliefs. This really allows you to get to know someone on a different level. Great to play with family, or friends of all ages and really allows you to understand others ideas and thoughts. I also love that a portion of proceeds from the purchase will go to organizations that advance education and entrepreneurship.

Scratch & Create booksScratch & Create Books

Sometimes you just need to do something artistic and detailed. It’s not only relaxing but also when you’re done you feel like you’ve accomplished something. The details and designs in the Scratch & Create books are beautiful and you’ll find yourself getting lost as you scratch away to reveal something artistic or design your own variations. With 4 different books to pick from – Scratch & Draw Patterns, Scratch & Draw Botanical, Magical Tarots & Folk Art Flowers are just a few there’s something for everyone.

Glider GlovesGlider Gloves

I didn’t realize I needed new gloves till I got them and Glider Gloves are awesome. Not only can you use them with you’re phone easily but they are so warm and not bulky. With anti-slip grip you can easily hold onto the phone, and the freedom of touch anytime, anywhere means easier access. I also just love that it’s a small company that really cares about their customers and want to give the best product possible, I mean the tag inside of the glove is also a screen cleaner. Genius.

Just Dance 2019Just Dance 2019

I am a huge Just Dance fan. It’s something that the whole family can enjoy and if you’re trying to be more active then this is the perfect way to do it at home!

Read & Relax SocksRead & Relax Socks

I love to snuggle up with a good book and these Reading socks with Faux Sherpa lining are so soft and snuggly. There are different options in design and size so there’s a pair for everyone. These are Barnes & Nobel Exclusive and great for the bookworm!

So many great things right. What will you be adding to your wish list this holiday season?

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