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There are always so many great toys out around the holidays that it can be hard to figure out what will be enjoyed and not break the bank. I decided to pull together 15 hot toys under $15 that you’ll want to grab for gifts this holiday season.

15 Hot Toys under $15It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for the holidays, a birthday, or a you just want to give a fun gift. Finding gifts that are wanted, and within a certain price point can be difficult. As a family on a budget I like to get the most bang for the buck and these 15 items give just that.

Gifts under $15

Star Wars Science XcavationStar Wars Science Excavators
These are so much fun. It’s a bit of a mystery as to what you’ll get inside, but digging is the best part and kids of all ages will love to excavate these Star Wars bones.

ZURU_5 SURPRISE™Surprise 5
These are blind balls of fun, just unwrap peel and reveal. You’ll find 5 different surprises in each ball and these make a great surprise gift in stockings, baskets or just because. Pink or Blue what surprises will you find?

Zing Helix HyperballYULU Helix Hyperball
Throw it and it comes right back. The Hyperball can travel over 150 feet at super hyper speeds. Swing the ball while holding the tab to gain momentum and then launch it into the air. Available at Walmart.

Smashers Series 2 GrossSmashers Series 2: Gross Smashers
My kids love Smashers. Throw the Smashball and see it smash into pieces to find a collectable inside. With the new Gross Smashers, that look just like an eyeball, you’re in for even more fun. There may even be a rare figure or “Ooze dudes” which are covered in slime. Grab a tin to store up to 50 characters and let the smashing begin.

Sticky the PooSticky the Poo
That’s right what would a hot toy list be without listing Poop. Sticky the Poo is a squeezable, moldable poop emoji that sticks to most surfaces when you throw it.

Twisty PetzTwisty Petz
It’s a bracelet, it’s a pet. With over 70 to collect you’ll be able to accessorize and play with these toys. Check out our unboxing: Twisty Petz

Thor Fidget cube The Original Fidget Cubes: Marvel Avengers
Fidget Cubes are still a great toy for both kids and adults and I’m so excited that they now have 8 Marvel superhero characters (Superman, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket and Drax). Collect them all and add them to stockings or for that Marvel fan!

Do DatsDo Dats
Get your DIY on by making these Do Dats, then add them to your backpack or get a couple and have them hold hands. We love that you get to make them yourself and the names are so clever.

Smashy MashySmooshy Mushy & Smashy Mashy
These are still so much fun to open and they are expanding the series. There’s the Cup ‘n Cakes and Smashy Mashy. Depending on the series you’ll either get something sweet smelling or now. No matter these are squishy and full of surprises. Available at Walmart.

Zing Helix FootballHelix Power Swing
This unique football shaped toy allows for a “hyper spin” so you can launch it over 350 feet. It’s also got a rollback plastic string that helps generate maximum velocity. Get out and play with this toy.

What will you unwrap? This cute little pup wrapped up like a burrito is the best of both world for he animal and burrito lover.

These Pom-pom pets are going to be hot this season. They are lovable, fashionable, and interactive. Each Pomsie is soft and cuddle and you can wrap the tail around your wrist, hair, backpack, and more. With 2 interactive modes of play Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode this will be a tough toy to find this season. So grab one NOW!

We just adore these Big Hair, Don’t Care dolls. With 36 to collect you won’t know which of the 12 girls you’ll unbox but they will be cool, and have a pretty great outtake on life. This is another one that will sell out this holiday so don’t wait! Check out our Hairdorables Unboxing.

Monster Mayhem ArmorMassive Monster Mayhem Armor
This inflatable armor will be fun for kids of all ages. It’s softer than you think and as long as set some ground rules (like no hitting in the face) then you’ll be the coolest gift giver ever. This is a Target exclusive.

Sunny BunniesSunny Bunnies
These sweet bunnies are based off the youtube show and so soft and cuddly. Little ones will love the sounds and love snuggling up with their favorite characters. The light up and bounce bunnies are available at Walmart.

So there you have it 15 hot toys under $15. Now don’t wait, click the links or get out there and grab these before you can’t!

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