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The holidays are approaching and the thought of finding the perfect holiday gifts has begun. It’s also the time of year where we have to be clever in hiding gifts to keep it a surprise for the big day. So I’ve pulled together a list of where to hide holiday gifts!

Where to store & hide holiday gifts

Where to hide holiday gifts

I’ve asked around to get ideas on where to store and hide gifts that aren’t the basement or attic. Not everyone has those and if you have younger kids or live in the city under the bed isn’t really a great option because the kids are either playing hide and seek or you’re using that to store summer clothes.

Best places to hide gifts

Christmas Storage Bins
When I was a kid my parents always hid our gifts in the empty Christmas tree box. We never caught on to this and it was right in front of us. Back then it was just cardboard boxes, but today you can get those storage bins, just make sure they aren’t the see through ones.

Older Friends
One person told me they enjoy helping out friends with younger kids by storing gifts at their house. With their children grown and away it gives them the excitement of the holidays to help out a friend and feel a little like Santa.

Friends & Neighbors
Of course there’s also friends and neighbors and you can do the “I’ll store yours, you store mine” trade off. This way if your kids do find the items they will be surprised and maybe a little confused when they discover there are different things under the tree.

Trash Bags & Closets
A classic is to store gifts in trash bags in the back of your closest. Just make sure your spouse knows not to throw it away!

Ideas to hide gifts

Trunk of the Car or Spare Tire
If you’ve got a car that you can hide gifts in the trunk then do it. You can also hide some where you keep the spare tire if you really need more space, but I recommend keeping those gifts either wrapped or in the bags.

If you’re not planning to do any traveling then take advantage of that space and fill the suitcases with gifts. I know we have more suitcases than we need so those make great hiding spots.

Use the cabinets, boxes or bins or just throw them in a big Black trash bag and claim you’re doing yard work or cleaning things up, just make sure you tell your spouse not to throw out the bag.

Office or Guest Room
If these are off limit spaces for the kids then use them for hiding spots. I always have things in tote bags so the kids don’t think twice about boxes or bags in these rooms.

Laundry Room
Unless your kids love to hang in the laundry room I’m sure there are a few spots to hide some things. Maybe even in a hamper!

Good hiding spots for gifts

Lots of ideas and possibilities for where to hide holiday gifts, but make sure you keep a record of where you’ve stored things. Nothing’s worse than trying to find those gifts on Christmas Eve.

Also a tip for if you’re wrapping the gifts, mark them with Elf names (Sprinkles, Snowflake, that you assign to each family member. This way if they are discovered you’ll still be safe in the kids not knowing who the gifts are for.

Tell me where do you hide your holiday gifts?

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