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Affiliate links disclosureThe National Parks and Monuments are a true wonder in America, and I’ve discovered there’s a lot more to see then I ever imagined, so when I discovered the National Parks Passport Stamp Book I knew I needed to get one for each kid.

National Parks Passport Stamps

It was on a trip to see the Cape Hatterass Lighthouse that I saw these Passport books and some stamps in the gift shop. At a closer look I discovered that this was a way to track our travels, and what we see so I picked up 2 books and then the kids added their 1st stamp in the book.

What’s great is the book is organized by region, so if you’re planning a trip you can easily look in the book to see where you can check out a park, monument, scenic trail, Historic site and lots more. The guide in the back of the book breaks down all the acronyms for you making it easy to know what is there.

National Parks Stamps

One of the things I like is the stamps color coordinates with the region. DC is red in the books so the stamps are red, and there are a lot of things to see and get stamps for in DC. The key is going into the gift shops and you’ll usually see a little area, or at the check out there will be some stamps so you can mark the pages with memories, and if you don’t see it just ask. They are always more than happy to point you in the right direction, or let you know about another stamp nearby.

To me this is a great way to see America, and get the kids excited about visiting all different pieces of history, and to see the beauty that is the USA.

For us we like to plan out where we’ll visit, and in the summer we’ll keep the books in the car so we won’t forget to get our stamps, but if you do forget your books they usually have blank white cards that you can stamp and then add to the book later.

National Parks Passport BooksBuying these National Parks Passport Books is an easy and affordable way to keep track of family vacations, memories and fun while visiting America.

Do you enjoy visiting the National Parks?

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