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There’s something very retro about a Drive-In Movie Theater. The crisp night air, and latest film makes the Drive-In perfect for a date night or family evening of fun. So here are some Drive-In Movie Theater Tips to give you the best experience.

Drive-In Movie Theater Tips & Where to find your local Drive-In

Find your Local Drive-In Movie Theater

Warwick Drive-In NYThe best place to start is by figuring out where your local Drive-In Movie Theater is located. The Drive-In Movie site has a full listing by state so I recommend starting there. Remember the closest theater may be in another state close to your state. We’re in NJ, but our closest one was in Warwick, NY (and it was great).

Tips for a Drive-In Movie

Go on the Off Times: Weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) or two weeks after a movie released. It is less crowded and you don’t need to arrive really early. I suggest at least an hour. If you do come on the weekend or for a new release I suggest arriving at least two hours before to wait in line. We went one Saturday night on the second weekend and the movie was sold out. It was a very long and frustrating hour and a half ride home.

Wear Your PJs/Comfortable Clothes: It’s a late night even if you are only seeing the first movie. We left after the first movie (ended at 10:30pm) and when we got home the kids went straight to bed. It is easier to change them before the movie than when they are asleep in the car after the movie.

Bring Cash: You can usually use a credit card for the admission to the movies however most concessions are cash only. And how can you watch a movie without popcorn, candy and soda.

Things to Bring:

  • Chairs – we brought two camping chairs (set them outside) and two beach chairs (set them in the car). The kids loved being in the car alone. We loved sitting outside together like we were on a date alone (for at least 5 minutes).
  • Blankets – It gets cold when the sun goes down and everyone loved cuddling under a blanket. The Warwick Drive-In (where we went) is in the hills so it was very chilly even in the middle of August. Drive In Movie Family Fun
  • Bug Spray – It is outside in the summer and there are bugs and mosquitoes. If you are anything like my daughter or I you get eaten by bugs. No one wants their night ruined by bug bites.Playing Games at the Drive-in Movie
  • Games/Kids Entertainment – The wait before the movie can get long and patience runs thin sitting in the car. We brought a few games to play to pass the time.
  • Portable Radio with Fresh Batteries – Our vehicle has issues with it’s battery. We weren’t able to get through a whole movie without the battery going dead. If we brought a portable radio we wouldn’t have to have the car run the whole time and waste the battery.
  • Car Battery Jumps: If your battery dies, don’t worry the staff at the drive-ins usually have a portable jump kit. Like I said our battery died and I had to ask one of the staff to give us a jump. I asked the guy if this happens often and he said it happens at least 5 times a night.

Overall the Drive-In Movie is an experience that everyone should try. Let the kids stay up late, eat popcorn, and snuggle up with your sweetie or kids in the back of the car and enjoy a movie together!

Have you been a Drive-In Movie?

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