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There’s one question I’ve been asked by friends more than any other since I moved to NYC and that’s Where to buy discount Broadway tickets. I thought I would pull it all together in a post so I can share with everyone.

Where to buy Discount Broadway tickets NYC

I wish it were easy to just say you go here, but alas there are a few different ways and options for getting discounted tickets.


If you’re willing to wait till the day you want to see a show TKTS may be your best bet. They have a list of shows for that day and what percentage off they are able to give. You can also get some Off and Off-Off Broadway as well. It’s in the heart of Times Square and usually has a lot of great options, (No Hamilton or Lion King will not be there) and you can get anything from 30%-60% off. They help select the best seat available and hand you the tickets right there. There is a limit of 6 tickets per person, so if you’re going with a big group you’ll need more people to help buy.

TDF (Theater Development Fund)

Now this is more for the person who lives close or comes to NYC frequently. It’s a yearly membership and you need to be eligible to get the membership (full list of eligibility requirements). The tickets range in price from $9-$47 and you usually pay a $2 per ticket fee. The shows are constantly changing, but you can buy tickets in advance. (You won’t see Lion King, or Hamilton on there) The downside is you don’t know where you will be seated. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and been seated all over the house. I love being a TDF member, and feel it’s worth it, even if you see 1 show a year.

Where to buy discount Broadway tickets - TKTS


This is an app that makes buying discount tickets pretty easy. You can see the upcoming week or the next 30 days and what discounts are available. They never sell restricted view seats, and they aren’t just NYC. To get your tickets you meet a person outside the theater, wearing a Today Tix coat or shirt, and you’ll pick your tickets up directly from them. It’s easy and you’re saving money.

General Rush

This is on a case by case. Some theaters have it and some don’t. For those who do you want to be at the box office when it opens, actually before it opens. It’s a first come, first serve ticket. There’s usually a small about amount of tickets available and seating is at the discretion of the box office, but ticket prices range from $29-$50.

Standing Room Only (SRO)

These are sold when a show is sold-out. You are buying a ticket, but not a seat. Meaning you’ll be standing in the back. Some theaters have spots designated for you to stand, and after intermission if you’ve been eyeing some empty seats you can usually sit in them for the Act 2.

Digital Lottery

There are a few different ways the digital lotteries are run. Some you can sign up for the week, some are for the night prior and others are for that day. If you go this route you’ll need to make sure you’re checking your email, but prices range from $10-$50.

Broadway Roulette

This is a new one for me and I haven’t done it, but a lot of people are talking about how great it is. You pick the date, and select shows you don’t want to attend and spin the wheel and whatever it lands on is what you get, and the tickets are between $50-$60 so it seems like it’s a great deal.

For a full list of General Rush, SRO and Digital Lottery check out

I love helping people see Broadway and Off-Broadway shows (lets not forget about Blue Man Group). It’s an experience not to be forgotten. I remember being 16 and waiting in line at TKTS to get tickets for Grease. I’ve also seen many shows via TDF, and am keeping my fingers crossed that one day I win the Hamilton Digital Lottery.

What show are you hoping to find a discount on?

Current Broadway shows I’ve seen and reviewed: School of Rock, The Bandstand.

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