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I love Christmas. The traditions, magic and belief of Santa is one of favorite things about December. I’m always looking for fun decorations, DIYs and memories to give my kids, especially with our Elf on a Shelf, but the pressure to be creative is something I don’t want.

I got our Elf when I was still pregnant with Eleanor and before Pinterest was even a thing. I loved the idea that this elf would have magic and fly to the North Pole each night and report, that in itself is enough for me, but to create a production around the elf arrival each day, nope not going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE seeing all the creativity and ideas of my friends on Facebook. I have some friends who plan out the entire month of activities and that’s great, but for me just remembering to find a new spot each night is work enough. I know you’re probably surprised I feel this way as I love going all out, but I have a secret to tell you… It’s okay to keep your elf simple and magical.

My kids love waking up to see where the elf has landed each day and that’s enough for me. Maybe in a few years I’ll want to go a little bigger, but right now I don’t need to worry about props, ideas or disappointing my kids because the elf is just sitting on the shelf.

If you feel the same I encourage you to participate in the No Pressure Elf on the Shelf. Take the oath and enjoy the magic of the holiday.
No Pressure Elf on the Shelf Oath

I would love to know if you’ll you be joining me in this oath or if you love going all out with your elf. Either way I know you’re doing what’s right for your family and that’s the most important thing!

Happy hiding!

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Originally posted December 2, 2014

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