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Who loves a freezer pop, or as we sometime call them freezie pop? The only downside is how cold it is when you hold it, but these personalized Popsicle holders sure come in handy, and make eating them even more fun. 

Personalized Popsicle holder

I’m all about cooling off in tasty ways and freezer pops, popsicles, and snow cones are staples in my house for the summer. Check out my Snow Cone Syrup! I recently discovered that July 8th is National Freezer Pop day, so of course I’m celebrating with the family as we eat our favorite flavors using the holders to keep our hands from getting too cold. 

Freezer Pop Holder

Personalize Freezer Pop holders with Cricut

To add a little more fun I’ve used my Cricut to give these freezer pop holders a more personal touch. To start I wanted to have holders with the kids names, and some that just represented summer. This way if friends were over they would enjoy the different sleeves and have something special. 

How to personalize Popsicle holder

Neoprene popsicle holders
Cricut (Joy, Explore Air 2, Maker)
Iron on vinyl
Cricut EasyPress 2
EasyPress Mat

You can find these designs in Cricut Design Space: Popsicle Holders
When cutting the iron on vinyl make sure you place it face down on the mat and don’t forget to select Mirror image. 

Cricut EasyPress 2 makes personalizing easyWarm up your EasyPress 2 or EasyPress Mini – I did 315 degrees. 
Place the vinyl on the freezer pop sleeve and press for 30-40 seconds
Remove the top layer slowly while still warm to ensure it’s stuck to the fabric. I found I had to do a few extra presses so go slow while removing the top layer to ensure the vinyl was set.  

Personalized Freeze Pop HoldersThat’s it! It’s pretty easy and quick to personalize. Once you’ve got your popsicle holder the hard part of picking what flavor you want to eat it next. My favorite flavor is Lime. What’s yours?  

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