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When it comes to sports, we’re a softball family, and to us safety and having fun are the most important things. Wearing a helmet while batting is mandatory, so we decided to add a little fun to ours to make it easy to see as she runs for 1st! This personalized softball helmet is fun and easy to make!

Hustle Hit Never Quit Softball HelmetSoftball helmets come in lots of different colors and sizes, so when you line up helmets for 12 players it’s easy to not know which one is yours. By adding some vinyl you can make it easy to decipher which helmet is yours.

Personalized Softball helmetMy daughter wanted to have her initials on the front and was adamant that she have a softball with gold flames coming off of it. So I did a little magic to make this design come together.

Personalized Softball Helmet

Softball helmet with facemask (it’s required for our league)
Metallic Gold Permanent Vinyl
Transfer Tape

1. Make your design in Cricut Design Space
2: Place your vinyl face up on the mat and cut
3. Cut your design and week
4. Use transfer tape to attach your design to a clean helmet

Personalized Softball helmet with CricutIt’s a great beginner project, that’s pretty quick to complete and keeps your ball player easily organized! Plus when your child runs by with those flames it’s clear they are on fire and having a blast!

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