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Affiliate links disclosureIt’s no secret I LOVE Polka Dots. They are my go to fashion pattern and something that everyone can enjoy. In honor of National Polka Dot Day I thought I would share some of my favorite Polka Dots fashion tips

Polka Dot Fashion TipsOf course my retro style and polka dots go hand and hand, but this pattern works for all ages. Big dots, or small dots, polka dots never go out of style. My biggest tip is to not be afraid to wear them.

Polka Dot Outfits

There are so many beautiful styles of clothing you can find in polka dots, dresses, pants, shirts, jackets. skirts, you name it and I bet polka dots are one it.

Polka Dot Accessories

Sometimes you just want to rock just a little bit of the dots. That’s where, purses, wallets, scarfs, sunglasses, socks, headpieces, belts, shoes and more come in. Tip: Rocking a polka dot accessory can change the whole vibe of your outfit in a good way.

Polka Dots for the Home

If you’re a really big polka dot lover the odds that you have polka dots around the house are pretty good. From dishes, pillows, sheets, walls. The possibilities are endless.

Polka Dots for the Office

Bring on the notepads, pens, and office accessories. Polka dots can add a smile while you’re working and that’s always a win!

Polka Dots for Travel

I love having a polka dot suitcase. It stands out in a crowd, just like when you’re wearing polka dots. There are also great accessories like travel pillows, luggage tags and so much more.

Polka Dots at Disney

There’s no one more icon than Minnie Mouse when it comes to polka dots. It’s fun to find outfits that represent the fashion icon.

Are you a polka dot fan?

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