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Applesauce is a favorite in our house. It doesn’t matter if it’s homemade or GoGo Squeez it’s tasty and delicious and we all love it. I though like mine to have a red hot cinnamon flavor so I thought I would share my Red Hot Applesauce with you!

red hot applesauce

Red Hot Applesauce

I’ve always loved the Red Hots cinnamon candies? I loved putting it in my oatmeal and I also love putting it in my applesauce. It gives it a flavor that has a kick, but it’s not overbearing. You also don’t need to add any extra sugar.

Red Hot applesauce steps

Fall Apple Recipes

I took 3 apples peeled and cut them and threw them in a pot on low. Covered with a lid stirring occasionally. I like to add 8 red hots per apple, but you can add more or less it’s totally your call and I think it’s best to add them when the apples are soft enough to start mashing. Just continue to stir the red hots in and they will dissolve.

It’s simple and tasty and I love serving this as a side with some pork or just to eat as a snack. Did you ever make Red Hot Applesauce?

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