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Fall is here and I wanted to share a special treat that we like to enjoy, Apple Cider Floats.

Apple cider Floats

When it comes to simple this recipe is the simplest.  It’s only 2 ingredients and, I won’t lie, it’s kind of hard to screw this up. We like to serve this as a special treat on movie night and the kids think it’s tasty!

How to make an Apple Cider Float

Apple Cider
Vanilla Ice Cream

What to do: Take a few scoops of vanilla ice cream then add some apple cider and enjoy.

I like to get my apple cider from local farmers and it’s so yummy, but Trader’s Joe has 2 kinds that are a good substitute if you can’t hit up the local market.

Apple Cider Float

Apple Cider Floats

So go ahead and mix it up from the hot drinks of fall and enjoy a tasty Easy Apple Cider Float!

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