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Last year we decided to create a summer bucket list of events and things to do throughout the summer. It was such a success that we have decided to to it again. So here’s our Summer Bucket List 2018!

Summer Bucket List 2018

What I love about this list are some are easy, some a little more difficult, some are local to where we live (Northern NJ), and some are in other states. We collect things we see throughout the year and ask the kids what they want to do over summer vacation. We will be posting videos, photos and writing about our activities, so please make sure you’re following along on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Summer Bucket List 2018

  • Swim and experience Tomahawk Lake
  • Listen to a concert in a park

√   Add two more stamps in our National Parks Passport

   Watch a movie in the backyard (Camden)

  • Ride the Staten Island Ferry

   Participate in the Where’s Waldo in town

√   Spend a day at Mountain Creek WaterparkRiver Rapids at Mountain Creek Waterpark

   Make a root beer float (Eleanor’s Request) 

  • River raft or tube down the Delaware River Gap
  • Dance party in the backyard (Camden’s Idea)

√   Learn to fish in a lake or river (Eleanor)

   Visit Stirling Hills Mining Museum & Mines

   Learn something new about our local history (Libery Hall)

  • Day trip to Stockton Market
  • See the NJ landmark Lucy the Elephant
  • Go Roller skating (Eleanor)
  • Visit Van Saun Park & Bergen Zoo
  • Pitch a tent and have a backyard camp out (Camden)

√   Sign up for the Summer Reading Club at the library

√   Go to a baseball game

Lots of options and ideas for how to fill our summer days and weekends. Obviously we try to do as many as we can and I think our Summer Bucket List 2017 was pretty successful. Make sure you check back to see all the things we cross off!

Does your family have a Summer Bucket List?

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