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I’ll never forget the excitement of when my child came home and proclaimed “Mom, I have a loose tooth!” and then proceeded to ask me a ton of Tooth Fairy Questions. I thought I would pull together some of my Tooth Fairy Ideas to share on explaining about the Tooth Fairy and how it all works!

Tooth Fairy Ideas

What to tell kids if they lose or swallow their Tooth? 

We started talking about the Tooth Fairy when we discovered the 1st loose tooth, and I immediately explained our beliefs of the Tooth Fairy. All Tooth Fairies are different, and each child has their own that fits them and what they believe. We also emphasis that the Tooth Fairy knows when you will lose a tooth. They have their own little calendar. This way if a tooth is swallowed, or pops out and isn’t found it’s not a big deal, because it was already on their calendar to pay you a visit. We’ve also been on a few vacations where our tooth box wasn’t with us, but it’s okay because they already knew! 

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave_

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave?

This goes back to the idea that each person has their own Tooth Fairy, and they will all leave different things and amounts. Our Tooth Fairy left a $1 Gold Coin for the 1st tooth and then $1 bill since. We’ve also heard about $2 bills, or glittery bills or maybe the $5 Tooth Fairy, but there aren’t a lot of those out there. 

Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

All tooth fairies are a little different in how they collect a tooth.


  • Tooth Fairy Pillow. I like this idea because you can hang it on the door or leave one next to the pillow giving easy access to retrieve the tooth. 
  • Tooth Box – The boxes are nice because it’s a hard box and fits under a pillow nicely. It never hurts to sprinkle some glitter inside either. 
  • Fairy Door – This is a cute one. You can add a fairy door to the room so they can easily enter and exit. 
  • Tooth Fairy Note – Sometimes a note is the best way to share excitement. Have the kids practice their writing and maybe even more extra teeth brushing! 
  • Tooth Fairy Books – There are some great books to get one excited for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival. 
  • Fairy House or Garden – Think about making a little fairy house or garden in their room. I have this DIY Fairy Garden from recycled items. 


Tooth Fairy Forgets

What if the Tooth Fairy forgets? 

It’s totally possible that the Tooth Fairy has forgotten to make a stop. I know it’s happened in our house. Here are some options for this. 

  • Strip the whole bed to see if the money fell through a crack/under the sheets!
  • Explain that sometimes people forget things and maybe the Tooth Fairy did too
  • Tooth Fairy training, sometime an experienced Tooth Fairy has to help new ones really understand the job and how important it is.
  • Maybe it’s lost in the messy room? – A great way to get them to clean their room!
  • Explain the conditions have to be right to fly. Maybe it was windy, raining, a New Moon, too hot. There’s a lot of choices here!
  • Try the whole thing again the next night, and who knows maybe there will be an apology note from the Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy Ideas

The one thing I know is the tooth fairy is a magical being. You can make a big deal or keep it easy. What’s important is you make it work for your family. I just encourage you to take of photo of the child with their gap tooth smile because it will be a memory to enjoy. 

Tell me what is your Tooth Fairy like?

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