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Back to school season is here, and this school year we’re using and sharing the new Crayola Take Note! to make heading back to school a bit more colorful.

Crayola Take Note!

Crayola has always been a trusted brand for my family to get ready for school or to make life a little more colorful. When a box of Crayola Take Note! products arrived at my doorstep I wasn’t the only person to get excited. My daughter opened the package and immediately started to fill her backpack. She was so excited about all the options and to share with her friends. She even went ahead and started to plan some goals for the new school year. I loved watching her come up with these and seeing her take the step farther by giving it her own personality!

Take Note! from Crayola

Crayola Take Note!

It’s also fun that these are something I can use as well. Writing cards or notes for the kids with the gel pens, felt pens or permanent markers is what I’m excited to test out, and the gel pens and felt tip markers are washable which is never a bad thing for any age! Plus I get great joy out of the dry erase markers when we play drawing games on the white board.

Take Note! Color names

Crayola has a way of making people smile, and I know we both got big smiles as we read the names of the different pens, markers and highlighters. It’s not just colors, but the names are fun and different giving a creative vibe before you’ve even opened the package.

Take Note! Back to SchoolAs I get the kids, house and myself ready for school, birthdays, and holidays I’m excited to have the Crayola Take Note! items around the house. They bring an element of fun to our everyday life, and who doesn’t want to live life a little more colorfully!

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