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Affiliate links disclosureI’m in full prep for C’s birthday and with a theme of dinosaurs there’s a lot out there I can do. I wanted to make him something special that he could enjoy and keep even after his birthday, so I pulled out my trusty Cricut and got to work making him a simple and fun Dinosaur Wall Art.

Dinosaur Wall Art with CricutLet me start by saying this is an easy way to get comfortable using your Cricut and trying new things. I typed in Dinosaur in the search box of Cricut Design Space and got lots of options, but when I saw that this Dinosaur Word Collage was part of Access (which I subscribe to yearly) I thought it’s the perfect thing and quick and easy.

I say quick and easy because the design is already created for me. I just needed a few supplies and to pull it all together to make a great decoration for both his party and room.

Supplies Needed:
Canvas (I did a 12 x 12)
Paint (I did brown for a dino dig)
Transfer Tape
Tools: Weeder and Scraper (I love having the full kit)

Step 1: If you’re painting your canvas do that first so it can dry while you work.
Step 2: Open and sign-in to Cricut Design Space
Step 3: When in new project Click on Insert Image and then search for Dinosaur
Step 4: Select Dinosaur Word Collage and Insert

Dino Wall Art with Cricut Word CollageStep 5: Resize the image. Make sure you pull on the lower right corner. I was using a 12 x 12 canvas so I needed to resize for that
Step 6: Put the vinyl on your mat and smooth out with the scraper tool
Step 7: Insert the mat into the machine and make sure you select vinyl on the material dial
Step 8: Once the machine is loaded use the computer and click the Go button on the bottom right
Step 9: Double check that you’re all set and you’re sizing is correct.
Step 10: Click the blinking C button on your machine and watch the cutting begin
Dino Wall Art Cricut Weeding

Step 11: Unload your mat and weed the excess vinyl.  (Note: Weed means to remove the pieces you don’t want)
Step 12: Cut your transfer tape to the size you want. I like to make a little excess on each side
Dino Wall Art Cricut Transfer T

Step 13: Place your transfer tape on top of the image you want to transfer. I also recommend you use the scraper to make sure your vinyl adheres to the tape so you can lift it easily.

Dino Wall Collage Cricut Transfer Tape

Step 14: Carefully pull the transfer tape up. You may need to use the scraper to make sure pieces stick
Dino Wall Art on Canvas with CricutStep 15: Place the transfer tape on top of the canvas and use the scraper to adhere.
Cricut Transfer Tape Dino Wall ArtStep 16: Pull away the transfer tape slowly, making sure you aren’t ripping any vinyl and it’s sticking to the canvas.
Step 17: Hang on the wall or display on a table.

Dino Wall Art with Cricut

What I love about this is how easy it was to make. It was probably a 30 minute project total from start to finish. I also love that the work of designing was already done for me on this project. I still have the ability to change it up if I want with different colored vinyl or materials, but am happy with how this turned out and can’t wait to hang it for the party and later in his room.

Dinosaur Wall Collage with CricutDo you have a dinosaur fan that would love one of these?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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