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Celebrating 60 years is a big deal and getting the chance to visit Disneyland for their Diamond Celebration was truly a magical trip. I really wanted to get the most out of my one day at the park and decided to find some fun facts and special sights throughout to make it even more fun while waiting in lines and walking around.


Disneyland Fun Facts and TipsTo start Disneyland opened it’s gates on July 17th, 1955. The cost of admission was $1 and there were 18 rides. It’s come a long way since then. With over 60 rides now and 2 parks it’s filled with magic and fun.

Disneyland City HallMake sure you stop into Town Hall. I was able to become on Honorary Citizen for the day by answering a few questions, but this is also where you can find out other fun things about Disneyland. This is also where you can get the buttons for special occasions or your 1st visit. They have a list of names for every plant and tree in the park, or the horses on the carousel. Pick up maps and guides in other languages. You can also exchange foreign currency there.

Disney Trash Cans let you know where you are in the parkIf you’re ever wondering what part of the park you’re in, just look for a trash can. They are painted different colors for each of the lands.

Disneyland Evil Queen watching over

Did you know the Evil Queen is watching over you? That’s right if you look up in the window above Snow White’s Scary Ride you’ll see the Evil Queen pop out from the curtains. You’ve got a great view if you’re waiting in Peter Pan’s flight ride.

Disneyland Radiator Springs RacersIf you’re waiting in line when the park closes you’ll be able to remain in line and ride the attraction. We did this for Radiator Springs Racers because the wait all day was very long and wanted to maximize our time. It made for a long day, but the ride was awesome!

Disneyland Submarine

Disneyland has the world’s eight largest submarine fleet. Kind of crazy right, but it’s a treat for everyone to ride on a submarine at least once in their life.

Disneyland New Orleans Square balconyThe railings surrounding the 2nd floor balconies of New Orleans Square have both Walt and Roy Disney’s initials in gold. These are also made of rubber instead of cast iron so they’ll last longer.

Disneyland Gas StreetlampsThe gas streetlamps are said to be from small towns all over America. It’s neat to know that they’re from all around, and I like to think one may even be from our town. They were also very useful in 1982 when the park lost power the streetlamps lit the way.

Disneyland Fire Dept Apartment LightAbove the Main Street Fire Station is an apartment with a light on. This was where Walt would stay when he visited the park, and would turn the light on so cast members knew he was there. The light stays on permanently now as he’s always looking over.

There’s so many more amazing little facts and fun tips about Disneyland, but these were the ones that really stood out to me. I hope if you’re planning a trip with your family these come in handy, and I look forward to learning more each time I visit.

Do you have any fun tips or facts to share about Disneyland?

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