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Get ready for fun in the sun with these DIY beach hats. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re in Shell Yeah or Sunkissed mood these hats are fun to make and wear.

Shell Yeah DIY beach hat with Cricut

DIY beach Hat

Sunkissed Beach Hat DIYI’m all about being protected from the sun. Of course sunblock is my go to but I also like to wear a hat, and feel stylish and a little sassy, so coming up with something for them to say was a lot of fun.

Sunkissed Floppy Hat

DIY Sunkissed beach hat

I have always been told that as a redhead my freckles were kisses from the sun. I wanted to make a hat that would work sitting by the pool, walking around town or just hanging out in the backyard. So a Sunkissed DIY hat was the perfect choice.

How to make a beach hat with Cricut

Supplies needed:

Cricut (Maker or Explore)
Floppy hat
Glitter Iron on Vinyl (Tip: you might think foil iron on would be great, but it won’t stick to this material well)
EasyPress2 Mat

1. Design in Cricut Design Space. I have Sunkissed and Shell Yeah already done for you.

2. If you’re designing your own the curved text is a great feature to use!

3. When cutting our the design remember to mirror your image

Sunkissed Floppy Hat with Cricut4. Use the EasyPress2 to apply the glitter iron on. Don’t forget to grab this Free Printable of EasyPress 2 settings.

5. When you remove the top coat be sure to press the iron on into the fibers of the hat.

DIY Floppy Beach Hat

What I love about these hats is how personal and stylish they are. To me this Shell Yeah hat means I’m up for anything but a sunburn!!

Do you wear beach or floppy hats?

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