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It’s the time of year when we start to think of creative gift ideas, and one thing that I love to give or receive are Scratch Off New Jersey Lottery Tickets, and I’ve made a fun Lottery Ticket Tree that makes giving this gift even more fun. 

DIY NJ Lottery Scratch Off Tree

I love a scratch off lottery ticket gift. I’ve got some Lottery ticket Centerpieces from previous years; a Gingerbread house, and a Sleigh, so this year I wanted to make something that I could do different variations on, and I came up with the Scratch Off Lottery Ticket tree. 

NJ Lottery must be 18 to playI’m going to remind you that you must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®.

Picking up scratch off lottery tickets at my local Wawa, 7-11 or Quick Chek helps me check off gifts, gas or that gallon of milk all at one time. With prices from $1, $2, $5 and $10, I usually pick up a few extra Scratch-Offs so I’m prepared for the season, and we’re all about dropping a little joy for family and friends this year. What’s great about Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets as a gift is they take up no room, and you get to do something fun. We always enjoy scratching off tickets, and it’s so exciting when we win cash or another ticket, so the fun can keep going. Plus let’s not forget about the Million Dollar Replay, which allows non-winning Scratch-Offs a second chance at winning big.

Scratch Off Ticket Tree DIY

How to make a Lottery Ticket Tree

For this Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Tree I really wanted to have a wow factor. So I made it big!
Supplies needed: 
$1 Happy Holidays
$2 Happy Holidays
$5 Happy Holiday
(You can also use a $10 Spectacular ticket if you want!)
Paper Clips

New Jersey Lottery Tickets Happy Holidays

  • To start you’ll want to roll the tickets and tape them. I found taping on each end and in the center was the best.
  • Once they are rolled it’s time to put together your tree.
  • The bottom row was made up up 4 $5 Happy Holidays New Jersey Lottery Tickets. You’ll want to use paper clips to clip the 4 tickets together. I did both the top and bottom to make sure it would be sturdy. 
    For the next row I used 5 $2 Happy Holidays New Jersey Lottery Tickets, and then clipped the 5 tickets together with the paper clips same as above.
  • The next rows were the $1 Happy Holidays New Jersey Lottery Tickets, and I did a row of 3, then 2, then 1

How to make a scratch off Lottery Ticket Tree

  • When it comes to assembling the tree I used more paper clips to attach each row, and then added a few extra pieces of tape to make sure they would stay in place.
  • After it was all together I added a little bow on top with a paper clip and some ribbon so it would look like garland. 

DIY Scratch Off TreeOverall this was about a 15 min process, and what’s great, is you can do variations on the size and price of the tree. Remove the $5 row and you have a $20 gift which is great for a teacher, friend, family member or gift exchange! 

Do you enjoy gifting scratch off Lottery tickets? 

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