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Affiliate links disclosureIf you’re going on a Disney Cruise and have decided to sign up to participate in Fish Extenders you’re in for a treat. There’s tons of fun ideas for gifts in varying price ranges. You can do something simple like give candy, or create something super personal. I decided to make personalized Travel Treasure Boxes for my Fish Extender group.

Fish Extender DIY Gift Idea Travel Treasure Boxes
If you’re wondering what a Fish Extender is, check out my DIY Fish Extender post to learn more. Now, once you agree to participate figuring out what to gift can begin. I wanted to do something that was both useful, Disney themed and affordable. As I was walking through the travel toiletries it hit me that toothbrush holders would be great, and then I saw the soap boxes and thought how my kids would love to store fun trinkets, money, shells, candy and just about anything they can fit in it. The downside was it didn’t show me Disney so I decided to add a Mickey head and the persons first name initial. What’s even better is I managed to get all these for about $15 through!

Fish Extender Organization

I’m going to start by saying you need to get organized and know who is in each room and if it matters, adults vs. kids. Since I decided adults would be the Toothbrush holders and kids the soap box I made sure I had enough of each item and that the gents wouldn’t get pink. I wrote down the names/initials and used Post-its to keep myself organized. I needed to make about 35 total.

Fish Extender Travel Treasures Box Supplies:

Fish Extender Travel Treasure Box SuppliesToothbrush Holders
Soap Box Holders
Black Vinyl
Red Vinyl
Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge
Transfer Tape

Fish Extender Gift Travel Treasure Steps with CricutStep 1: Log into Cricut Design Space and Insert Image: Mickey head. Remove the red part. I made the head about 1 1/2 inches for the soap box and about an inch for the toothbrush holder)
Step 2: Once you have it the right size you’ll want to duplicate the head. Select the head hit copy and then paste. Repeat till you have the number of heads needed. I made the soap box heads one color and the toothbrush holders a different.
Step 3: Next up is the letters. Insert text: then put in all the letters needed. The letters were about 1/2 an inch each.
Step 4: Once you have all of them color coded hit go. Make sure you have the dial on the machine set to vinyl.
Step 5: Place the vinyl face up on the mat and load into the machine
Step 6: Click go and cut!
Step 7: Unload and week the excess vinyl.
Step 8: Use the transfer tape on top of the mickey head and apply to the soap box.
Step 9: Us the transfer tape on the letter and apply on top of the mickey head

Fish Extender Gift Idea

Once I got all the colors and initials figured out it was actually pretty easy to do all of these. I had my girlfriends come over and help and we had a little craft night fun. I also created a printable tag so to put in the boxes so everyone knew who these were from.

This was the highlight of kids trips. The loved delivering the goodies, and checking the Fish Extender for new goodies and boy did we get some goodies!

Have you ever participated in a Fish Extender?

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