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I love having a little play-date or party at the holidays. With all the hustle and bustle it’s nice to take some time to do things with friends and family and this year we decided to have a gingerbread decorating party!

Gingerbread Decorating Party

Supplies were given in order to facilitate this party! As always all opinions are my own.

Now pulling together this party doesn’t have to be hard, there are so many great companies out there to make it festive and fun. Of course my go-to spot for decorations and activities is Oriental Trading. I love that I can type in a theme and there are so many great options.

Red Velvet NYC Gingerbread People Kit

I recommend making the Gingerbread cookies the day early, and I was so impressed with Red Velvet NYC and their Gingerbread Kit. They send you a beautiful box with all the ingredients needed to make and decorate gingerbread cookies. It’s all pre-measured and so easy. I just had to add an egg and stick of butter. The kids really felt like they got to make these cookies, and I had less dished to clean and random supplies to buy.

Gingerbread People Party Decor from Oriental Trading

For the decor I keep it simple and am always amazing how with just a few decorations the room can look so festive, and that I’m able to have an activity that also works as a favor.

Color Potholders from Oriental Trading

These DIY Potholders were a perfect activity for the kids while we made the icing. I used fabric markers and let the kids go. There were also a few adults who really enjoyed decorating their own.

Gingerbread Party Activities

As we decorated our cookies we loved coming up with little stories about what type of ginger person they were. We had a hula girl, snowman, candy cane and tons more. We also had a handy decorating idea sheet that made it even easier.

To finish up I picked up some books from the library about gingerbread men, and cookies and we did a little story time. They loved Catch that Cookie and were thankful for the cute little favor boxes from Oriental Trading so their gingerbread people wouldn’t escape!

Gingerbread Decorating Party Ideas

This party was a great reminder that it doesn’t have to be big or over the top. It’s about doing something together and then enjoying the delicious treats when you’re done, and hey a few kids got some great little gifts for their parents.

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