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When the weather gets cooler, I get excited about warming up with some tasty hot chocolate, and we love to make some hot chocolate spoons as an activity and to give as gifts and it’s a lot easier than you think! 

Hot Chocolate SpoonsIf there’s something I enjoy it’s being able to do an activity with my kids, that’s affordable, fun and we can enjoy the rewards after. That’s why these hot chocolate spoons are a perfect family friendly activity. Looking for that grown up drink? Check out my Rum Chata Hot Chocolate!   

Hot Chocolate Spoons

It took a few trials to figure out the best and easiest ways to make these and I’m happy to share my learnings so you don’t have to waste any chocolate! Basically we discovered that the Ghirardelli Dark melting chocolate was the best to use, and the milk chocolate chips just didn’t hold as well. 

DIY Hot Chocolate SpoonsSupplies Needed:
Ghirardelli Dark Melting chocolate
Wooden Spoons
Holiday spoons
Peppermint candy canes (crushed up)
Mini cupcake pan 
plastic bags

-Melt the chocolate. I have a double boiler chocolate pan and find that’s the best way to work with chocolate but if you don’t have one you can heat up the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, stirring every 30 seconds till smooth. 
-Once the chocolate is melted add it to the cupcake pan filling each one. (Note: If using a silicone pan you’ll want to make sure it’s on top of cookie sheet)
-Call the kids into the room and have fun decorating these, use crushed peppermint, sprinkles, and marshmallows
-After you’ve decorated place the pan in the fridge for 5 mins (make sure you set an alarm) You want the chocolate to start to harden before you add the spoons, but if you go longer than 5 mins it may be too hard (don’t ask me how I know)
-Pull the pan out of the fridge and add the spoons. It doesn’t matter if it’s the wooden spoons or these cute little metal ones. You could also use candy canes! 
-Once the spoons have been added put the pan back in the fridge for 15-20 mins so it can harden
-After the chocolate has hardened it’s time to pop each hot chocolate spoon out the tin. I recommend letting them sit for about 5 mins before you try, but the dark chocolate and white chocolate popped out really easy. Wasn’t as lucky with the milk chocolate. 
-Then it’s time to heat up some milk and put these to use! I recommend 8 ounces for each spoon. 

Hot Chocolate Stirrers DIY

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

If you want to wrap these up and gift them for gifts it’s a great little treat for friends or neighbors, or when you come in from playing in the snow, or to have a little hot chocolate and movie night. My kids love that they were able to help make them, and gifting them to friends. They also have so much fun stirring them around to make their hot chocolate. 

Holiday Hot Chocolate SpoonsDon’t forget these are great to enjoy throughout the winter, and on those snow days! 


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