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Affiliate links disclosureHave you ever heard of lemon peppermint sippers? Well it’s a sweet thing to do at the holidays or as a Christmas Tradition. Lemon Peppermint Sippers were a Christmas tradition for my Mom growing up. They would buy a bag of lemons and Bob’s peppermint sticks and enjoy this sweet treat. I know what you’re thinking how is a lemon a sweet treat?

Lemon Peppermint Sippers

Well when you suck the lemon juice through the peppermint stick it’s magic and turns the juice into a minty sweet drink!

Lemon Peppermint Sipper supplies

Lemon Peppermint Sippers SuppliesLemons
Bob’s peppermint sticks
Paper towels

How to make Lemon Peppermint Sippers

How to make Lemon Peppermint Sippers

To start you’ll want to give the lemon a few rolls on the table. This helps to loosen the juices in the lemon. Once you feel your lemon is loose put it on a plate and cut the top off. Not too much because you want the lemon juice and the more lemon the more juice.

Next stick your Peppermint stick into the top of the lemon and give it a few minutes. You want the stick to absorb the juice and it will break down the center of the peppermint stick so when you go to suck on it it will work like a straw. You may even want to bite some of the top or bottom off to move it along a little faster.

Christmas Tradition Lemon Peppermint SippersNow comes the fun part. Start to suck on the peppermint stick to taste the minty sweet lemon juice. Squeezing the lemon as you suck to loosen the juice even more. Tip: Keep some damp paper towels handy so you clean up sticky hands and lemon juice quickly.

Now remember this is a fun tradition that is meant to bring a smile and memories to the holidays. So make sure you have fun and laugh! Here’s the Facebook live I did the 1st year we tried them!

Sharing a Christmas treat of lemons and peppermints!Tip: bite the top and bottom of the peppermint stick and let it sit for a bit in the lemon before you try to suck it.

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Have you ever tried a Lemon Peppermint Sipper?

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