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The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, but with a year of socially distancing I decided to pull together a list of 25+ Christmas Ideas to do at home! 

25+ Christmas Ideas to do at HomeEvery family celebrates the holidays differently, and while I would love to have friends over, we’re trying hard to keep it to just our family, so taking our usual events and thinking about new ways to pull together fun has been a great way to open our family up to more time and activities together

Christmas Movie Night
Oh we love a good Christmas movie night, and we have multiple over the month of December. We also love to add a fun Christmas Candy Charcuterie and snuggle up with blankets and watch. With so many great movie options we can do a short 30 mins show, full feature film, or have a marathon day. 

How to decorate Gingerbread houses easilyGingerbread House decorating
Every year we pick up a gingerbread house decorating kit. I’ve got some great Tips and tricks for building easy gingerbread house that make it even easier to have fun. You can also make plans with friends to do this and then share photos of your finished products and have a voting online for favorites

Christmas Dance Party
Nothing beats blasting those holiday favorites while having a dance party. Rocking around the Christmas tree takes on a new meaning with this, and if we have some glow necklaces on hand we’ll add those to the fun.

Elf on the Shelf
This is a great way to bring excitement in the morning. I just want to remind you of my Elf on the Shelf Oath. Ours will be joining us and then quarantining for 14 days. 

Hot Cocoa Party
Instead of a tea party make it a hot cocoa party. Maybe even make these awesome hot chocolate bombs or some hot chocolate stirrers. 

Christmas Game Night
There are some great holiday games out there. We love these card games from Funko Games, and just added an Elf game to our collection. Lets not forget Christmas Bingo too! 

Advent Calendar
So many fun ways to celebrate the season. We usually have a book advent, Funko advent, chocolate and more. We love having something to look forward to each day and we separate it by odds and evens for the 2 kids so there’s no fighting over whose turn it is! 

Visit a tree farm
This is something we love to do each year, and since we’re outside we’ll be able to mask up and stay socially distance. 

Decorate your tree
It doesn’t matter if it’s real, fake, big or small. There’s something special about decorating the tree together, and the big question is who will add the star on top? Add a little more fun by zooming with some family while you add those ornaments.

Toy Clean out
This is a time where we take a look at what we have and pull together a pile to donate. We’re big believers in buying 2nd hand, so we pass along these items to places that can use them to bring joy.

Virtual Escape Room
This has become a family favorite activity for us. We love picking one from this Ultimate List of Free virtual escape rooms and spending time figuring out the clues. There are some holiday ones too! 

Easy Cookie Decorating tipsBake and decorate Cookies
It doesn’t matter if you bake from scratch or choose to decorate some store bought cookies. It’s the act of doing it together and having a tasty treat at the end. 

Toy/Donation Drives
While we do the clean up we also make a point to pick up some new things to donate to toy drives, or this year, we’re donating a gift card to our community. We make a point of doing it together as a family and mention what we’re thankful for. 

Christmas Puzzle
We love to put together a puzzle. Over the years we’ve collected quite a few that are specific for the holidays, and we love fighting over who gets to put the last piece in! 

Christmas Carol Karaoke
Belt out those favorite carols by having a karaoke night. We pull up videos on youtube and use our handheld to really let it go while we fill the house with voices and laughter. 

Festive Attire
We love to dress up for the holiday. Sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, dresses, hats and more. We love to dress up, and snap photos. Doesn’t matter if it’s a selfie, or just a quick photo. It’s a nice reminder of what we enjoy, and I’ve learned that years from now I’ll be looking at those photos thankful that I’ve taken them. 

Christmas PicnicChristmas Picnic
It’s become a tradition that one night every year we set up a picnic blanket in front of the tree and have a picnic. The lights and idea that it’s just use enjoying lunch or dinner is a nice way to enjoy a meal together. 

Facetime/Zoom Party
Pick a night and host an online party. You can do it as an open houses, so people can pop in and say hi or just set up a night where you schedule calling and chatting with friends. One of the best things I’ve discovered is chatting with people who I haven’t connected with in years via zoom calls/parties. 

Christmas LightsChristmas Lights Drive/Walk
Load up into your car, and head out to check out the lights and decorations around your neighborhood or a place close by. You don’t need to get out of your car, and you’ll be able to ooo and ahhh while wearing comfy clothes and staying warm. You can also head out for a walk too if you live in a walkable town, but remember to bring a mask! 

 Christmas Crackers
This is something my kids look forward to each year. We usually open our crackers on Christmas day, but you can do it whenever you want. 

Surprise Santa
Why not be a Surprise Santa and leave some kindness at a friend, neighbor or teachers door. It doesn’t have to be a lot, maybe some cookies, or a small game, or even a Lottery ticket tree. It’s a great way to give kindness to others. 

Virtual Cookie Swap
Maybe you want to do a cookie swap with friends locally, but can also do a virtual cookie swap, by sharing recipes, and then having a call where you bake the cookies together. Learning new things from friends and family is one of the things that I’ve enjoyed that brings us together. 

Christmas Craft
Make a fun holiday craft. It can be as simple as a paper chain, or paper snowflakes, or make something a little more complex, the possibilities are endless and there’s  always something that can be added to the Christmas décor. 

Christmas Tradition Lemon Peppermint SippersMake a new tradition
There are so many amazing traditions out there. I encourage you to try and make a new one this year. We love to do the Peppermint Pig, Christmas Spider, Saran Wrap Game, and even our Lemon Peppermint Sippers

Christmas Eve -Night Before Christmas Game
Every year we read the Night before Christmas and pass presents. This is something we look forward to every year, and we read the story as a family. 

Zoom with Santa
Since we’re trying to avoid indoor spaces, we’re going to book a zoom session with Santa. Who knew he sets things up via Air B&B! 

Christmas Ideas to do at HomeI know there are a lot of fun activities, and am so thankful that we’ve got the time to spend creating new memories. 

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