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The holidays tend to mean people are in the decorating, baking and gingerbread making season. I’m sharing my tips and tricks for building easy gingerbread houses that everyone can make.

Tips and Tricks for building easy Gingerbread HousesA decorated gingerbread house can be a family activity, party theme or beautiful decoration.

Building gingerbread houses with kids

Having kids building a gingerbread house can be challenging so I’ve pulled together how to make it easy and a little more fun! Using these tips and tricks you’ll find less stress and maybe even a little easier cleanup!

Tips for making gingerbread houses

1. Hot Glue the house together!

How to assemble a gingerbread house easilyThat’s right, save yourself the hassle of trying to build this while the kids want to help and walls falling down and using a majority of the frosting. You’re not going to eat this so pull out the hot glue gun and get to work. This also works wonders if a piece is cracked or dropped. Glue it back together and no one will know!

How to decorate gingerbread houses

2. Put all of the candies in a cupcake tin.

Tips for Gingerbread houses (organize your candy)The makes grabbing the candy so much easier and it’s all together.

3. Use leftover Halloween Candy

Tips to making gingerbread houses (use Halloween candy)We still have plenty of leftover Halloween candy so we like to fill out our houses with extra sugar and color!

4. Buy or make extra frosting.

The frosting that comes in the kit is always so tough. You can buy a bottle of frosting that’s easy to use or just make your own.

DIY Frosting Recipe

Use confectioners sugar and add small amounts of milk to turn into frosting. To get the texture you’re looking for.

What’s great is you can start small so you only make what you’ll use and just add more sugar and milk if needed.

5. Buy your kits after the holiday.

We know we’re not eating this so why not buy it when it’s 50-75% off? Then put it away for the next year or make one for Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s day!

Easy Gingerbread House Decorating

How to decorate Gingerbread houses easilyWhat’s fun about creating and decorating these gingerbread houses is the end result and having your personal touch all over the house. It’s best when the houses aren’t perfect and have some personality to them.

Does your family make gingerbread houses or host a gingerbread party?

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