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I am so excited to share The Toy Association is taking the Genius of Play a bit further for the month of May. As this will be the 1st month ever dedicated to play and they are calling it “Play all May” and my family is going to commit to a game a day for the entire month.

Play All May A Game a Day

If you’re not familiar with The Toy Association and Genius of Play I recommend you check them out. They know the power of play and with the American Pediatric Association are encouraging “Prescriptions to Play.”

In our family we’ve written a “Prescription to play” a game a day for the entire month. It will be everything from board, card, dice, outdoor, trivia and more. Some of these games will take 2 minutes and some will take over an hour. For us it’s about connecting as a family and with friends. I know that there will be those hectic nights that I wouldn’t even think about possibly playing a game, but I’m going to vow to do something fun together, that will make us smile, laugh and celebrate a moment together.

Play is something that we need to encourage in our children, and ourselves. It helps teach creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, learning, and it’s something we can do at all ages. I am guilty of losing my playfulness at times and am looking forward to the month and seeing how we bond as a family.

I encourage you to write a “Prescription of Play” with your family and Genius of Play has a giveaway every day in the month of May to help your family have more fun. To enter this daily giveaway head over to the Genius of Play Giveaway.

What are your favorite games to play with the family?

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