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Affiliate links disclosureBetween our love of Red Baron pizza and a trip to an Air Show, the whole family has been into learning about the history of flight and famous aviation people. Of course I immediately start to think how can I pull together a Red Baron costume, so I’m sharing just how easy and useful this costume can be.

Red Baron Costume

Red Baron Costume

When it come to Halloween we have to factor in weather. It could be a warm and lovely day or it could be snowing, we’ve experienced both so I’m conscious of this when I’m creating costumes. I also like to think about buying things that can be used in other ways, and that’s exactly what this costume can do. This can also be used for a famous people in history report!

How to make a Red Baron Costume

Supplies Needed:
Bomber Jacket
Aviator Hat
Red Scarf
Black face paint/mustache

Red Baron costume for kids

In my searching for a bomber jacket I found amazon had a ton. I love the one I bought and how warm it is and it will make an awesome jacket for the school year, so it will get a lot of use. Throw on a fun aviator hat, which everyone wanted to try on and add a red scarf and your outfit is complete. The only missing thing is a mustache, which I drew on with black face paint. Boom you have the high flying Red Baron.

The Baroness Costume

Red Baroness Costume

Lets also not forget the ladies. You can dress up as The Baroness, wear a bomber jacket, red scarf, some aviator sunglasses and some awesome red lips and you’ll be the perfect duo with your little one, if you can add some mom related patches then even better. The only thing I’m missing is holding a pizza, because everyone woofed it down, while I was getting dressed.

Red Baron & The Baroness

It’s so much fun to dress up and learn about some historic people, and it also doesn’t hurt that we can talk about them over a slice of pizza! I call that a Mom Win!

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