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Dressing in holiday shirts and sweaters is a daily thing for me from Thanksgiving to New Years and I just adore this Tacky Gingerbread shirt made with a Cricut.Tacky Gingerbread house shirt


How to make a Gingerbread shirt

We like to host a gingerbread decorating party or make a gingerbread house each year so it only seemed appropriate to make a gingerbread shirt that was a little over the top, because that’s what a part of the holidays are to me. A chance to get fully into the spirit.

Supplies Needed:

Brown shirt or sweater
White glitter Iron On
Foil Iron on
Easy Press Mat
Cricut Explore or Maker

How to make an Ugly Christmas Shirt

1. Think of your design. There are so many great things to pick from in Cricut Access. If you want to use the things I made you can. Ugly Gingerbread Sweater

2. Once you have your design it’s time to cut your vinyl. Remember to place Iron on Vinyl face down and select Mirror Image.

3. Then it’s time to week and figure out where you want to line us your gingerbread village and friends.

4. I used the Easy Press 2 to add the designs. I just love how easy it is to use and it takes the guess work out.

Ugly Christmas shirt DIYWhen I finished my shirt I stepped back and had to laugh it’s busy, cute, festive and a huge hit with kids. It’s also something totally different and I love it.

I also did a Facebook live at Micheal’s wearing this shirt and sharing some of my favorite Cricut things!

Do you wear holiday shirts?

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