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There’s something about a snow day that turns you into a kid. Maybe it’s because you remember listening to the radio for school closings, yes I said radio, or getting that special treat of Snow Cream. Either way there was something special about those days.

What to do on a snow day

Now that we have kids snow days don’t hold the same excitement. It holds a small panic of “What will we do all day”? The work to get young ones in snow gear is a serious workout, and they spend less time outside playing than it took to get them dressed. So I’ve pulled together some ideas on how to make the snow day a little easier.

10 Ideas for a Snow Day

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Ideas to stay busy on a snow day

1. Make them work and play outside: This year I bought the kids their own snow shovels. They think they’re having fun, but really we’re preparing them for the future of having to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. When the “work” is done there’s snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights. Followed by some warm cocoa ready when they come in.

2. Photo Shoot: Pull out your camera and snap some photos. Maybe it’s the kids playing outside, or you play dress-up and take some shots inside. I know E likes to snaps pictures so give the kids a camera (not the nice one) and see what they can do. My 2 year old takes some great shots and it’s on a totally different level keeping my eyes open to ideas.

3. Indoor Picnic: This is the time to throw the rules out. Have a picnic in the living room, or maybe a luau with some hula dancing.

4. Games & Puzzles: This is a big one for us. We are playing games and putting puzzles together throughout the day.

5. Surprises: I like to collect things at goodwill, yard sales or on clearance throughout the year. It could be a book, game, puzzle or toys. I save them for days like this or if the kids have been really good.

6. Little Chefs & Bakers: It’s time to cook. Maybe you make homemade pizzas, granola treats, or snowflake cupcakes, and hot chocolate spoons. No matter what you’re passing the time and teaching the kids a life skill. Oh and don’t forget about Snow Cream or Snow Cone Syrup

7. Build a fort: We have Crazy Forts, but a snow day means we go all out. Pull off the couch cushions, bring out the blankets and everyone get into the fun.

8. Craft time: It could be coloring together or maybe you have a craft kit you bought at Target or Michaels. I have plans for some glitter, constructions paper and glue (AKA: Homemade Valentines) or make a Giant Paper Snowflake!

9. Clean-up: While the day is about fun, why not put some chores on the list. Laundry is loading up and the little ones can match socks or help sort. Don’t forget about running the vacuum or maybe you do some dusting. Many hands make light work and my kids are always eager to help.

10. Netflix, Disney+ or whatever streaming service you have: Yep, we all know you’ll hit that point where you can’t go anymore and it’s fine to put that subscription to work. Try to find a movie that fits with the day or let them watch something new. They have some great new series that are worth checking out!

Things to do on a Snow day

Overall a snow day is a blessing, it’s quality time together and while it may be really hard you’ll look back and think about the laughs and giggles and know these memories are what it’s all about.

What do you like to do on snow days?

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