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As a kid I can remember getting excited when the weather channel would talk about a possible snow storm and a possible snow day from school. As I’ve gotten older I still love the idea of a snow day, even if I’m working from home, but I have a friend who really loves the idea of a one and has quite a few snow traditions to bring on the flakes.

Snow Traditions Faith in the Flakes

Of course we prepare for the idea of a snow day by making sure we have the ingredients for Snow Cream and Snow cone syrup. I also take a look at my list of Things to do on a snow day so I’m prepared for what’s ahead! 

For the past few years I’ve been watching my friend Mindy and her daughter prepare for snow days by doing quite a few tasks the night before a storm. With her permission she’s letting me share these, I think she just wants a higher chance of a snow day! I love how excited the kids become and while some of these seem silly it’s easy and fun.

1. Do all your homework.
2. Wear jammies inside out.
3. Put a spoon under your pillow.
4. Put a white crayon on the window sill.
5. Flush the number of ice cubes per number of inches you expect (one more won’t hurt)
6. After doing all bedtime routines, go outside if parents allow. Close to a sliding glass door or window will do in a pinch. Do the snow dance and go right to bed! This is critical!!!!
(Snow dance is snapping each hand while saying “snickel, snickel” patting your thighs and say “snee, snee” and then spin around while clapping three times in unison while saying “snow, snow, snow”)

Faith in the Flakes -Snow TraditionsWhat I love about these is there’s no cost to doing them, and lets be honest they won’t control the weather, but we’re making memories with our kids. I know I’ll be doing a few for our next storm, and really like the fact that you have to have homework done in order to bring on the flakes.

Do you have any snow traditions that you think bring on the snow?

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