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When thinking about Fish Extender gifts I like to be practical and helpful. Since I had already done a Disney Cruise I wanted to pull together a little kit of items that I thought would be helpful to have and that’s when the idea of a Bear Necessities kit for a fish extender gift hit me.

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Bear necessities Kit - Fish Extender IdeaFor my kids the Fish Extender is one of their favorite parts. I love coming up with different ideas, but the Bare Necessities kit is a great way to kick off your cruise and help other families feel prepared and ready for anything.

Bear Necessities Kit Supplies

I thought about what things are useful, small, helpful or often forgotten when traveling and that’s what I used to make up my kit.

Bear Necessities Supplies fish extender giftZiploc Baggies -never know when these will come in handy so I put 2 freezer quart bags in the pack
Tissues – Plus you can find some cute Disney themed ones (Dollar Tree item)
Highlighter -Some people like to highlight their daily itineraries
Pen – It’s always good to have a pen to write things down
Safety Pins – It’s always good to have a few safety pins (Dollar Tree item)
Rubber-bands – There’s so much you can fix or hold together with a rubber band (Dollar Tree item)
Hair Tie – I made some elastic hair ties using fun Disney elastic
Manicure kit – This is great because it also has scissors in it and it comes in handy for cutting tags, or opening things (Dollar Tree item)

Wet Wipes – Always good to have on hand
Nail File – I also found some travel nail files that I threw in as well because I like to keep one in my bag (Dollar Tree item)
Pack of Gum – Chewing gum can help with nausea or just keep your breath fresh and since they don’t sell it on the ship it’s nice to have (Dollar Tree item)
Mints – You’ll be eating a lot so nothing’s wrong with a breath mint (Dollar Tree item)
Waterproof band-aids – This was my favorite and probably the thing that’s used the most. We put 2 in of each size and I know we ended up using ours and so did our friends who were with us.

Fish Extender Bear necessities Kit

Bear Necessities Fish Extender

What’s great is these bags come out to be pretty affordable to make. Between some dollar store items and Amazon deals we got each baggie to be a little under $5. Somethings I had around the house (rubber-bands and safety pins) so this helps in keeping costs down but what’s great if you can add or take away whatever you think is helpful or not.

Bear Necessities tagI printed out cute little sticker tags to put on the outside with Baloo and Mowgli because it’s the Bear Necessities! You can download the Bear necessities tag for FREE.

Do you participate in Fish Extenders on a Disney Cruise?

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