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I’ve always enjoyed shopping on Black Friday. Over the years it’s become a family tradition and last year I decided to make some Black Friday shirts with my Cricut for the family, shoppers and workers to enjoy! 

Black Friday Shirts #BlackFriday

Black Friday Shirts

In our family everyone is doing some shopping for Black Friday and we’re all a little different so I decided to make multiple shirts based on each persons personality or responsibility.

Black Friday Shirt Supplies Needed:

Black Fri-yay shirt #BlackFridayShirt

Black FriYay

Black Friyay- This is my shirt because I’ve always though Yay, it’s Black Friday. You can find the design in Cricut- Black FriYay Shirt

Bargain Hunter shirts for Black Friday #BlackFriday

Bargain Hunter shirt

Bargain Hunter -I feel like people who head out to the store for Black Friday are bargain hunters so it only seems right to make a Bargain hunter shirt, and if you have a younger one you can make a bargain hunter in training shirt. I know my mom taught me to be a bargain hunter so I thought this would be cute for her and my daughter. Bargain Hunter and Bargain Hunter in Training 

Black Friday Crew Shirt #BlackFridayShirt

Black Friday Crew

Black Friday Crew – If there’s an entourage of people then I suggest making Black Friday Crew shirts. It works for the big group who enjoys shopping together. Black Friday Crew shirt

Up all Night to Get Lucky BlackFriday

Up all night to get lucky shirts

Up all night to get lucky shirt – I think this shirt is so funny. Of course you’re hoping for some great deals and if you’re a late night shopper than you really are up late and hoping for an awesome deal. Black Friday Up all Night

Black Friday Babysitter shirt

Black Friday Babysitter

Black Friday Babysitter -I couldn’t leave out the one who stays home so we can get our doorbusters. So I made one for the guy who stays home to watch the little ones. Black Friday Babysitter

Black Friday Chauffeur shirt

Black Friday Chauffeur

Black Friday Chauffeur – Who wants to spend time looking for parking? So my hubby usually takes on this role, and makes sure the trunk is empty for all our goodies. Black Friday Chauffeur

Black Friday Shopping Shirts

The shirts were a lot of fun to wear, and we got some great compliments on them. We also wore some fun headbands, because why not.

Do you head out on Black Friday or are you more of a Cyber Monday person?

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