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I love having friends and family over at the holidays and having an activity to do together so I decided to make New Jersey Lottery Holiday Crackers! It’s a fun and festive way to add an activity to your event or meal that will have everyone excited and add an element of surprise!

DIY New Jersey Lottery Holiday Crackers

I love a New Jersey scratch off lottery ticket gift. I’ve been giving Scratch off Lottery ticket gifts and Centerpieces for years. I’ve made a Gingerbread house, Sleigh, and Tree, but this year I wanted to have something that could be an extra surprise, so I decided to make holiday crackers!


I’m going to remind you that you must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game, remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1800-GAMBLER®. For more information visit New Jersey Lottery. 

NJ Lottery must be 18 to playPicking up scratch off lottery tickets at my local Wawa, 7-11 or Quick Chek helps me check off gifts, gas, or that gallon of milk all at one time. With prices from $1, $2, $5 and $10, I usually pick up a few extra Scratch-Offs so I’m prepared for the season, and we’re all about dropping a little joy for family and friends this year. What’s great about Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets as a gift is they take up no room, and you get to do something fun. We always enjoy scratching off tickets, and it’s so exciting when we win cash or another ticket, so the fun can keep going. Plus let’s not forget about the Million Dollar Replay, which allows non-winning Scratch-Offs a second chance at winning big.

How to make a holiday cracker

Assortment of New Jersey Lottery Tickets ($1- Festive 50’s, $2- Holiday Lucky Times 10, $5- Holiday Delight, and $10 – $50 and $100 Blowout)
Craft roll (you can also use empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls)
Tissue paper or wrapping paper
Double sided tape
Holiday Cracker pulls

DIY Holiday Crackers with NJ Scratch OffsStep 1: Pull together all the things you want to go in each cracker. A few NJ Lottery Scratch Offs or just 1 big one, some candy and don’t forget a coin for scratching off!
Step 2: Take a piece of double sided tape and add it inside the craft roll

Holiday Cracker assemblyStep 3: Add the Cracker inside the roll using the double sided tape (be sure to not place the center on the tape. You want to get that “pop” when you pull the cracker. 
Step 4: It’s time to pick the New Jersey scratch off tickets you want to include inside! 
Step 5: Take tissue paper or wrapping paper and roll the roll placing a piece of double sided tape on the top. 
Step 6: Tie off one end with ribbon or string
Step 7: Use the open end to add the candy and coin, and then once everything is inside tie off that side.

Step 8: It’s time to pick the Scratch off to place on top of the roll. It could be $1, $2, $5 or $10! This is what the person will see so keep that in mind. 
Step 9: They’re made so now it’s time to have your guests grab each end and pull to listen for the “crack” or “pop” sound and see what surprise they have inside and scratch off those New Jersey Lottery tickets!

New Jersey Lottery Holiday CrackersWhat I love about this is there’s an element of surprise on both the outside and inside, and you never know if you’ve got that winning ticket. Plus you get to make all different variations and can be playful with how you want to display or give them out. 

Have you ever used holiday crackers? 

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