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When you’re planning a vacation the last thing you want to think about is someone getting sick and not being able to partake in the fun. No matter how hard you prepare there are just some things out of your control so what are you to do when you wake up sick on a Disney Cruise? I’m sad to say we experienced this and can help explain what happened with our family.

When you're sick on a Disney CruiseVacationing in February can be tough and the week prior to our trip our son caught a case of strep, but hey he was on meds and doing better and fever free with plenty of time prior. I made sure to pack all the meds, cold and cough, acetaminophen, cough drops, and more, plus lets not forget that I always travel with a thermometer. I was as prepared as could be, or so I thought.

As we woke up early to head to Jamaica to ride the bobsled, and hike Dunns Falls I looked at the top bunk and saw my daughters very red cheeks. I didn’t even have to touch her to know she was sick. She opened her eyes and said the words I knew were coming. “Mommy, I don’t feel good”. A hand to the head confirmed that she would not be out of the room and we would need to rearrange our day, it also turned out that our port day was cancelled so we had an additional Day at Sea.

At this point I go to pull out the thermometer, but as I turn it on we discover the battery has died. What? Now? Come on, so we call guest relations and they inform us that they have some, they are one time use. Mike runs down to get them and we realize she has a 103.2 fever. So a visit to the Health Center is needed.

The Health Center has certain hours, you can call guest relations, or find it on your daily navigator. It’s not open all day so you do need to plan when you’ll visit.

When you get sick on a Disney Cruise

As they headed down to see the doctor we took our insurance card, but knew it probably wouldn’t do a lot. We were charged $160 to see the doctor; whether you have insurance or not. Worth it because our girl was sick and the doc took care of making sure she had the right meds and even added a little pixie dust with an Ariel emoji pillow.

Ariel Emoji PillowAs she headed back to the room she wasn’t worried about missing the fun or that she would have to take some super yucky meds (they don’t have any kind of bubble gum or grape flavoring) she was just excited to get a special little pillow and sleep. She spent the day in the room and even got to order room service, which made her feel special. The bonus is there were tons of Disney movies available for her to watch and we put a few of our Fish Extender gifts to use by playing cards, or tic-tac-toe and other fun things.

Have you gotten sick while on vacation? My friend Sarah also has a story about her Disney Cruise Health Center Experience.

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