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When I think of the Wizarding World I think of Harry Potter and Quidditch. Which leads me to the golden snitch and I’ve made a polka dot golden snitch shirt and have a free PNG for you!

Golden Snitch Shirt with Free PNG

Golden Snitch shirt

I have some serious golden snitch love. My son was the Golden Snitch for Halloween and when I was headed to Universal Orlando I knew I wanted to make a golden Snitch shirt.

Free Golden Snitch PNG

Golden Snitch polka dot shirtI searched for a golden snitch PNG that would be easy to weed and decided to make my own which I’m happy to give to you. Download golden Snitch PNG

How to upload your own image for Cricut

To make this shirt I used my Cricut.

Gold Foil Iron On
Shirt or tank
EasyPress Mat

1. Download the golden Snitch PNGGolden Snitch PNG

2. Use Cricut Design and select upload your own image

3. Upload your image

4. Once in the program decide on the size of your snitch. Mine was about 2.375 in size

5. Now give an estimate to how many you think you will need to cut. I ended up using 25 For my tank top.

6. Place the gold foil facedown on the mat and insert into the machine.

7. Make sure you turn the dial to custom if using the Explore and select Foil Iron on.

8. Cut and weed your snitches.

9. Now lay your shirt or tank out to figure out the placement of your snitches.

10. Use the EasyPress2 on 310 For 20 Seconds. Then press till all the snitches are done. Remember the foil is a Cold Peel.

Quidditch Shirt

Free SVG Golden SnitchI love how this shirt turned out and that is was something no one else had. I had people asking me about all day. I also like that you can make the shirt any house color and the golden snitch still works!

Are you a Quidditch fan?

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