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I’m rounding out my candy costumes with one of my personal favorites, Good & Plenty! Those pink and white candies on a purple box make this Good & Plenty Costume DIY easy to spot and enjoy.

DIY Good & Plenty CostumeI’m a black licorice fan so Good & Plenty’s were always in my house and they still are to this day. I thought it would be cute to make this costume for a little one but it can also work as a sweat suit for an adult or kid.

Good & Plenty costume

Supplies Needed:
Purple PJs or Sweatsuit
Pink Iron-on Vinyl
White Iron-on Vinyl
Black Iron-on Vinyl
Cricut EasyPress2

To start I designed all of this in Cricut Design space, and I’ve got a link so you can just go straight to it and make it yourself. Good & Plenty costume Cricut

Good & Plenty Costume

Cricut Costume

If you don’t have access to Cricut, you can also recreate this with some craft foam, a sharpie and a hot glue gun. Just cut out the candy shapes, a big circle and write Good & Plenty on the white circle. Seriously it’s pretty easy and no sewing is needed.

Good & Plenty Costume

What makes this costume so great is how simple, and quick it can be done. You just have to make sure you don’t put any of the iron on vinyl on top of the zipper or snaps.

Mary Jane & Bazooka Joe CostumesThis will also work well for a candy themed family costume. A Mary Jane, Bazooka Joe and Good & Plenty works great!

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