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I love when I see a birthday child wearing a birthday shirt with something they love and their age. With my little guys Dino Party coming up he really wanted a Triceratops birthday shirt. I knew this wouldn’t be too tough since I have a Cricut and set to work on designing something that was perfect for him.

Triceratops Birthday Shirt with Cricut

As I searched through the Cricut Access there were lots of dinosaur options, I even made this awesome Dinosaur Wall Art, but Camden was very specific in wanting to have a Triceratops that you could see the horns on. Since I’m able to upload my own images and designs to cut I knew this would be the route I would need to go and thought it would be fun to share how to upload the PNG or SVG to cut with your Cricut.

Supplies Needed:
Cricut Machine
Iron-on Vinyl

Step 1: Find a free PNG or SVG, or make your own, or purchase one (Esty has a lot of talented people and they are affordable)
Step 2: Download it to your computer and remember where you put it!
Step 3: Open Cricut Access and click on Upload Image
Step 4: Upload your image.
Step 5: Select what category your image is. This is a simple one
Step 6: Save as a cut image
Step 7: Select your image to use

Step 8: Once in make any changes to the size by pulling on the lower right hand corner
Step 9: I wanted to add a 5 to the center of the dino so I clicked insert text and typed the 5
Step 10: Place the number in the center of the dino and size appropriately
Step 11: Select the number and dino image and hit the slice button on the toolbar to the right. This will allow it so your 5 is open.
Step 12: When your image is good hit the cut button
Cricut HTV Mirror Image

Step 13: Super Important step: This is where you have to play close attention and click the mirrored image button.
Cricut setting for HTV

Step 14: Make sure you select Iron-on vinyl on your machine
Step 15: Use the measurements to cut your vinyl. I made mine 8 inches long and 4 inches wide
Step 16: Place the Iron-On vinyl face down on the cutting mat. This would be the shiny side down.
Step 17: Click the flashing C button on your machine

Cricut weeding HTVStep 18: Once it’s done use a weeder to remove the excess vinyl and number 5
Step 19: Place on your shirt and use a nylon paper or thin piece of fabric and iron-on your design
Step 20: It’s important to remember that you’re not moving the iron around you start in one spot and press down and hold and then move over to the next spot.
Step 21: Carefully pull back the top sheet, and check to make sure the vinyl has adhered to the shirt. If it has your good to go, if it pulls back a little put the iron back on and repeat Step 20.

So it’s a lot of steps, but it’s pretty simple and really adds a personal touch for the birthday boy. Plus if you use an old shirt that they are just about to grow out of it’s even better and more cost effective. I really love all the things I can do with my Cricut, but making personalized shirts is my favorite!

Triceratops Birthday Shirt DIY with CricutHave you tried uploading your own image when using your Cricut?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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