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The movie Aladdin has always been a favorite of mine and the family and the star to us is the Genie. So it’s no surprise that I would have DIY Genie Costume up my sleeve that’s no-sew!

DIY Genie Costume

Of course we’re big Disney fans and I have a few other Disney costumes like a Retro Minnie Mouse, or Captain Hook!

What’s so great about the Genie is how animated he can be, and I’m not saying this because he is a cartoon, he has the best lines, and is so much fun.

No sew Genie Costume

Supplies needed:

Genie Costume SuppliesLight Blue long sleeve shirt
Red Fabric (should be able to go around your waist)
Royal Blue sweatpants
Empty Toilet Paper Roll
Gold Spray Paint
Genie Lamp

How to make a Genie Costume

1. Cut the toilet paper roll in half and then cut it up the the center to make a cuff
2. Spray paint the cuffs gold
3. Put on the shirt and pants
4. Take the red fabric and wrap it around your waist. I suggest adding some velcro to attach it, but you can also knot it off.
5. Add the gold cuffs and pull hair up into a pony tale.
6. Draw on a mustache/goatee if you like and add a gold earring if your ears are pierced.

Aladdin Genie Costume

Genie CostumeWhat’s great about this costume is how easy it is to pull together and that it works for all ages. You may even have some of these things in your closet, around the house or in your recycling bin.

Genie Disneybound


This is also a fun Disney bound and and easy to complete. I loved getting to do a meet and greet with Genie at Disneyland.

Are you a Genie fan?

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