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One of my favorite classic Disney rides is Dumbo, so when we booked a family trip to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party I knew I needed to create a DIY Dumbo Costume that gave you the idea that we were riding or flying around the park.

Dumbo Costume DIY No Sew

When I think of the beloved Dumbo ride, I think of the big ears, pastel colors and cute little matching hats. This gives lots of color options and makes a great group or family costume. Make sure you also check out my other Disney costumes: Mouseketeer, Genie, Captain Hook!

No-Sew Dumbo

It was also very important to me to keep this as a no sew costume. I wanted to come up with something that anyone can make and that would be easy to throw in your suitcase and travel to Disney.

Supplies for DIY Dumbo Costume

Dumbo Supplies:

  • Felt (I purchased a yard of each color, but could of also done it with a 1/2 yard each)
  • Craft Foam (Grey & Pink)
  • Headbands
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Ruler
  • Grey t-shirt
  • Grey Shorts or pants

How to make a Dumbo Costume

  1. Make a template for the Dumbo ears. Cut the big ears out in grey craft foam and the little ears in pink
  2. Hot glue the pink to the grey craft foam
  3. Tape together paper to make my pattern for the neck collar. Then used that to cut out 2 different collars per person. The top collar should be smaller than the bottom. Tip: it’s always best to start bigger, it’s easier to cut down than add on.
  4. Making the ruffles in your collar. I measure every 5 inches and hot glued a ruffle together. This was the most time consuming part, but still pretty easy and really key to giving the collar some life.
  5. Once all your ruffles are made you’ll want to trim the neck circle to even it out and give you a comfortable feel around the neck.
  6. Try on both the collars and make sure they are comfortable around the neck and are the correct size for the person.
  7. Hot glue the top collar to the bottom collar
  8. For the Dumbo hat I made a template. Cut 2 hat shapes and hot glue them together around the outside leaving the bottom open. Once cooled turn the hat inside out and use scraps of felt to stuff the hat. Then you add the outside circle. Don’t make it too tight, and only glue it to the back of the hat. Finally add a small circle of felt to the bottom (this way your felt stuffing doesn’t fall out)

Optional: When it came time for gluing the ears and the hat to the headband I decided I would wait till I got to Disney. I thought it would be easier to transport, I didn’t want any bent ears. So I brought my travel glue gun and assembled the hat to the headband that day.

Dumbo Ride Costume

Dumbo Costumes

Overall the costumes were a hit. We had people pointing at us and telling us what a clever idea and we all liked that we felt comfortable in our grey shirts and shorts. I think one of the best compliments of the night was when we went to ride the Dumbo ride all the cast members were smiling and commenting on how creative and adorable we were. We may have even gotten access to the Fastpass line!

With the live action Dumbo movie coming out soon I have a feeling our beloved Dumbo will grow more loved with new generations. Mark your calendars for March 2019, it’s not to be missed.

DIY Dumbo Costume is a great Group Costume for the family

Now tell me what color Dumbo would you like to be?

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