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It’s official I’m 40! I decided to embrace this new decade by celebrating the big 4-0 showing my personality and love of Disney with my 40 Ears Old shirt. 

40th Birthday Celebration

When Is Walt Disney World’s Birthday?

Let me start by saying I share a birthday with Walt Disney World and Epcot. These parks opened on October 1st, a few years before I was born, but I love that we share the same birthday. I had big goals of celebrating my 40th birthday in the park, and came up with the idea for my shirt years ago. I knew I wanted to take 40 Mickey heads in the shape of a big Mickey head and wear some birthday ears to celebrate and show my love for one of my favorite places. 

Birthday Outfit for Disney

I wasn’t able to make a trip down to Orlando to celebrate, but I think it’s important to take time to enjoy life and what you love. I was lucky to have had many surprises over my birthday weekend, between a weekend getaway with girlfriends to finding 50 people standing in my backyard for a surprise party. I am truly blessed. 

Birthday Shirt for Disney

40 Ears Old Shirt Design

What’s great about this shirt is I’ve already designed it in Cricut Design Space. 40 Ears Old Shirt. So you just need a new supplies and some fun ears to pull off this look. 

40 Ears Old Supplies Needed:

Disney Birthday

How to make a Disney Birthday Shirt

  1. Use my design 40 Ears Old in Cricut Design Space!
  2. Pick out your Iron on Vinyl. I chose to use Silver glitter and pink to match my Birthday ears.
  3. Place your Iron on Vinyl face down/shiny side down on the cutting mat and make sure you select the right material to cut.
  4. Once you cut the vinyl, weed away and start to warm up your EasyPress 2
  5. Use the EasyPress 2 to apply the design (Make sure you check out this Free Printable for EasyPress 2 Settings)

Disney Birthday Shirt

I’m so pleased with how it this shirt turned out. I got so many comments and it was just fun to wear a crazy outfit for the day. Of course if you just wear the shirt it’s not crazy, but I chose to pair it with a tutu and sparkly ears. 

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