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The Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney is a favorite for many people. It’s a little spooky and a little magical. Which is what inspired me to make a Haunted Mansion sleep mask.

Haunted Mansion Sleep Mask #CricutMadeIf you’ve been on this attraction before you’ll know my inspiration was the wall paper with glowing eyes that follow you. Which was pretty fun to think up, but I’ll be honest I purchased the wall paper design. Because I wanted the details to be right.

Supplies Needed

Sleep mask (Purple)
Black iron on vinyl
Glow in the dark iron on vinyl
Easy Press 2

I won’t lie there was some work in weeding these designs but I’m so happy with how they came out and love that the eyes glow in the dark. If you are a fan or know a fan of The Haunted Mansion then this is a cool way to keep the spirits alive at home.

DIY Haunted Mansion Sleep MaskNow to share some Haunted Mansion Facts:

  • The Haunted Mansion claims to house 999 haunts. You can even read some of their stories in the Tales from the Haunted Mansion Books
  • The cars you ride in are called Doombuggies
  • The names of the three hitchhiking ghosts at the end of the ride are Gus, Ezra, and Phineas. Gus is the short one with the ball and chain, Ezra is the tall one, and Phineas carrys the carpet bag.

Haunted Mansion Sleep MasksThe spooky feel of this mask is exactly what I wanted and just love how it turned out. Foolish Mortals Beware for there are ghosts in the night!!

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