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It’s coming! The last Avengers movie and I’ve been on my couch every weekend watching a movie to get ready for Avengers Endgame. When it comes to watching movies I love to wear cozy socks and decided to make some funny Marvel Socks!

Marvel Socks #CricutMade #CricutMaker

Funny Marvel Socks

Now I can’t take full credit on coming up with these. I knew I wanted to make some funny Marvel socks, but was having a hard time figuring out what they should say. Thankfully, I have friends who are also Marvel fans and we did some brainstorming and came up with “If you can read this, I survived Thanos” A great nod to Avengers Infinity War.

Marvel Socks

Marvel Socks DIY #CricutMade #CricutMakerIn order to make these socks I knew I would need my trusty Cricut and EasyPress2. I love coming up with an idea and being able to spring into by owning these items. You’ll need a few other supplies as well.

Cricut Maker or Explore
Iron – on Vinyl (I went with glitter)
EasyPress 2
EasyPress Mat

How to Make Marvel Socks

1. To start it’s important to measure the bottom of the socks so you know how much space you have. I discovered that my max was 3 inches.

2. In Cricut Design Space add your text and the infinity stones (I used ovals). Good news Cricut users you can just use my design Marvel Socks.

Cricut Snapmat feature3. Place your iron on vinyl face down to the mat to cut. For this project I used different colored scraps to make the infinity stones. By using my phone and the SnapMat feature I was able to easily place the stones in the correct spots making cutting a lot easier and avoiding mistakes or wasting vinyl.

SnapMat with Cricut #cricutmade #cricutmaker4. After you weed the vinyl it’s time for the EasyPress 2. I used my small one and am still amazed with how fast it heats up, and how quickly I was done. It was under 5 minutes for me to make these and put away the supplies.

Marvel Thanos Socks #cricutmade #cricutmakerI just find these socks so funny. As a Marvel fan I look forward to our Marvel Movie nights and these comfy socks are fun to wear while we relax and watch our favorites.

Are you looking forward to Avengers Endgame? Who’s your favorite Avenger?

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