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A Disney Cruise has so many special ways you can personalize the fun. As a DIYer I wanted to do all that could to make it a vacation we wouldn’t forget. For me it’s the small details that make our trip even more personal and on the ship the doors are metal so it’s become tradition to make Disney themed magnets. I decided to make a magnet wreath of Mickey and Friends with my Cricut and it worked out great.

Disney Cruise Magnet Wreath DIY

Mickey & Friends Magnet Wreath Supplies:

Cardstock (I used a multi pack so I had all the colors)
Mickey & Friends Cricut Cartridge
Laminating Pouches

Before you start you’ll want to decide what things you want for your wreath. I wanted to do Mickey and friends so I picked things that I thought would look good and show classic Disney. I went for Mickey Hand, Bottoms, Donald’s Hat, Goofy’s Hat, Minnie’s Shoe and Daisy’s Bow. I also had Pluto’s bone but decided it didn’t really work. Once you know what you want to include it’s time to start.

Magnet Mickey & Friends Wreath with Cricut

Step 1: You’ll be working in Criuct Design Space: Insert Image then add all the different images you want to include
Step 2: I made them between 3-4 inches each. I based the size off of what complimented each other. Your porthole is 7 1/2 inches in diameter.
Step 3: Select the colors you want to cut. I changed all the yellows to be the same. To do this you look at the right hand side and click the scissors. Then change the color.
Step 4: Set your machine dial to cut card-stock
Step 5: Load you paper, insert into the machine and click go.
Step 6: Repeat with the different colors
Step 7: Assemble the pieces together with craft tape
Step 8: Laminate the pieces
Step 9: Cut out each piece
Step 10: Glue the magnets on the back of each piece. (I would recommend at least 2 per item)

I was so happy with how it turned out and had a fun time positioning all the different pieces. It made our door fun to spot and different. I also like that it’s something I can use again for future vacations.

What would you put in your wreath?

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