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I have become a huge Marvel fan, and spent the past year getting caught up on all the movies. Which means we’ve had quite a few Marvel Movie Nights where popcorn is essential and my Cricut gets put to use, to make these Marvel Movie Night Popcorn boxes.

Marvel Movie Night Popcorn BoxesLet’s start with my love for the Cricut. I’m always thinking of different ways to use it and have found that Print then Cut makes using it fast and easy. How to use Cricut Print then Cut. For us popcorn goes with movies and we like different characters so I made some Marvel Popcorn boxes.

Marvel Movie Night Popcorn Boxes

In order to make these I used my Cricut Maker, and home printer. It’s easy and adds a lot of fun to movie night!

I’m going to start with how much I love the Marvel Avenger Kawaii cartridge and the fact that there are so many characters represented. Cricut Design Space has so many amazing possibilities. I wanted to pull these into my design, but didn’t want to deal with multiple sheets of paper, or gluing it all together, so I knew I needed to utilize print then cut.

How to Print then Cut with Cricut

Cricut How to flatten an imageThe most important thing to remember when using Print then Cut is that you have to flatten your image. You can do this by selecting the flatten button in the bottom right corner.

Once your image is flattened, you’ll want to make sure your images are the right size for your project. I made each of these about 3 inches in size. If you want to use my designs you can find it on Cricut Design: Marvel Movie Night

Cricut Print then Cut stepWhen you’re ready to print the images you’ll click the make it button, and print out the sheet. I like to use a card stock, but you can also use sticker paper or even printable vinyl. I had a hard time getting my printer to take the Cricut sticker paper, but others have had success so that’s a reason I went with the card stock!

Print and Cut Marvel KawaiiAfter you print the images, you’ll then add the paper to your mat and have the Cricut cut the designs. It’s so cool how the machine scans your paper and cuts so perfectly. Oh and you’re done in no time!

Cricut Print then Cut Marvel #CricutMade #CricutMaker

How to make Popcorn boxes with a Cricut

Marvel Movie Popcorn BoxesTo make the popcorn boxes I needed to use a scoring wheel for my Cricut Maker. If you have an Explore you’ll need the scoring pen, this helps to make the lines to easily fold your popcorn boxes before you cut them out. I also used white card stock because I wanted the Marvel characters to pop.

The boxes were easy to assemble with some tape, and then I would add my favorite Marvel character to each box with a little tape, and fill with popcorn. Marvel Movie Night

What’s great is this project can be done for a party, movie night, or just as a fun way to show your Marvel love. We also like to keep our Marvel masks around to pretend to be our favorite characters, and they can be easily made with Cricut Print then Cut as well.

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